Doinb: SofM 100% is the top 3 forest in the world, coach Suning has banned / picked too well, SN vs TES, the winning team will win the championship.

After the mid match TOP Esports and Fnatic in the quarterfinals Worlds 2020 Not long after, Doinb continued to give his personal opinion about the semifinal match between TOP Esports and Suning.

For the LPL community, this is a “fratricidal” fight, when their two beloved teams will have to eliminate each other to find the only name in the Finals. And according to Doinb, after winning against JD Gaming, Suning’s SofM Now fully qualified to “compete” in a fair way with TOP Esports, not a team to be underestimated any more.


The TES match against SN, the key is still in the bot lane. As long as SN doesn’t lose to bot lane, their support will constantly reverse. Combined with the trio of Forest – Mid – Top to move and attack, TES will be in a difficult position.

But TES’s bot lane is unmatched, I think they are the best AD – SP duo at Worlds 2020, so SN’s win condition that I say is afraid is unlikely.


Honestly, if TES wins, there’s nothing to discuss, but right now Suning has absolutely a chance to win against TES. […] Before that I thought if the two teams met, the chance of winning would be 60% for TES, but now it’s 50/50.


Angel compared to Knight is a bit less proficient, in every respect. But that is a 9-to-10 loss. Actually, I played against both of them, but when I fight I can’t feel the difference, I can’t feel it, because they’re about to play. Angel in the early game lane has never lost. If she gets to the board a little bit, she can do it by the end. Every match Akali is a bit of feed, handling errors … the rest he handled well, just look at the way SN plays with JDG, they’re really fine.

As for Bin, I think he will become a 2nd TheShy, many people also say that, not just me. He’s really fierce, not afraid of going up the board at all. There are many situations where the opponent’s jungle is gank but still takes 1 handicap 2. This type of player is the type of taking real combat to do exercises, pushing himself into danger to train mentality and hand manipulation. So I feel that Bin is a really good name.

Against 369, I didn’t know how they were going to ban, so I couldn’t say anything. Actually, I myself can imagine the fighting style and the way of ban / pick, but the LPL civil war, if talking too much, it turns into gag.


Doinb SofM 100 is the top 3 forest in the world coach Suning has banned picked too well SN vs TES the winning team will win the championship | Esports

Doinb is extremely impressed with Bin’s rapid progress

The key is that TES can find the right drop point, I see TES or SN, the team that wins this match has a high chance of winning. Basically SN is in a good state, honestly I never dared to think they would come this far this year. Maybe since playing Playoffs and Regional Qualifiers with LGD, I realized that SofM is now champion in the jungle, why ah, I don’t know. Every match wins the jungle match, every match tortures people.

As for Jungler position alone, SofM is at least the top 3 in the world, swear! The jungle farm is the top 1 off the table, while ganking, holding the rhythm, regulating the game, all qualities are in the top 3. In total, the top 3 in the world. He is in the best state of play.

Suning’s coach, I can only say he is the best coach this season. If I had the power, I would give that prize to him from now on. SN now picks / picks too well The difference between losing G2 in the opening match versus the two rematches after that is obvious, SN has improved rapidly in the ban / pick stage through each match.

All 5 of them played well, but if they don’t draft, they just won’t fight.


I used to say that this year only TES and DAMWON have the championship, but now it’s wrong, seeing Suning play like this, if they continue to stay like this when meeting TES, I don’t dare say anything. where.”

Doinb SofM 100 is the top 3 forest in the world coach Suning has banned picked too well SN vs TES the winning team will win the championship | Esports

Although he is a fan of SofM, Doinb himself never thought that Suning would make it to the semifinals of Worlds, especially when defeating champion under their hands is JDG. However, similar to Doinb, many League of Legends experts have begun to reconsider the power of SN after the destruction SofM and his teammates created against their opponents in the quarterfinals.

Most have the same opinion that Suning is currently at the right point of falling, and for that reason, if they can beat TOP Esports now, that prospect is no longer a fiction and a surprise. again.

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