Doinb: Angel’s Syndra wasn’t a good pick, but Suning’s all-in decision late game was justified.

During the recent stream, Doinb There were quite detailed comments about the mid game Suning and G2 Esports – The confrontation is considered to be the most attractive up to now Worlds 2020.

Based on the perspective of a professional player, the FPX captain made many sharp conclusions about the turning points leading to the outcome of the match, from the ban / pick stage to the final situation.

(Eng Sub) FPX Doinb full game analysis on G2 vs SN | worlds 2020 group stage |

“I don’t think Syndra is a good choice […]Many teams still like to play Syndra, but mainly to counter Lucian Mid lane, and the matchup with Twisted Fate is not very reliable. “ – Doinb shared comments – “Syndra will not be able to put a lot of pressure on TF in this version, TF will be easy to push against the road and then support Graves.”

The fact that Syndra’s inability to put enough pressure on Twisted Fate is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Caps lost his minions, but the amount of money is not too much, and he is completely comfortable roaming.

Another mistake of Angel is choosing Teleport instead of Purification. For a lineup with too many hard controls like G2, if Angel used Thanh Bleach, it would not lead to disastrous situations like fighting in the Dragon area or in the late game situation.

The next two highlight situations that Doind mentioned are two situations of forcing home from both teams. In G2’s case, this team threw away a huge advantage, having two buffs, the Elder Dragon and Baron at the same time, but instead of waiting for the defense troops, they jumped into the fight.

Not to mention that when he lost two, Caps used his ultimate, Destiny, to … destroy the house instead of retreating, and wiped out Suning as a result.

Doinb Angel s Syndra wasn t a good pick but Suning s all in decision late game was justified | Esports

However, Suning’s “down-to-be” situation was judged by Doinb to be reasonable and “must choose like that”. While many opinions suggested that SN just ate the Mid Lane and retreated, Doinb argued that with the advantage of Teleport, G2 could easily bounce back and end the game so that SN could not retreat.

At this time, the only remaining main building of SN has only 1 hit to normal, so SN has to fight until the end to avoid a counterattack. This pick of SofM and his teammates was therefore completely correct, the blame was that the game’s variables were out of their control, Jankos showed his experience and class by purchasing more Watches. pause, and Mikyx had a final move “max ping” with General Bard.

Doinb Angel s Syndra wasn t a good pick but Suning s all in decision late game was justified | Esports

In general, Doinb’s comment is summed up in three factors: Suning was a bit young in the ban / pick stage, G2 shot himself in the foot in a situation that could end the game, and finally SN was show decisive and precise improvisation in the critical game situations.

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