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Does Pikachu know what to say other than the word ‘Pika’?

It can be said that Pikachu has always been and is always the face of the Pokemon brand. Every time this electric mouse appears, people watch to pay attention to its every action. However, this electric mouse has never been able to speak human language, all it can do is shout “Pika” or “Pikachu”.

However, once, Pikachu spoke human language in the long film “I Choose You!”. When the young Ash asked why Pikachu didn’t want to get into Pokeball, Pikachu answered with a sentence that said “Because I always wanted to be with you”.

Pikachu speaks human language in the movie “I Choose You!”

The sentence was brief but the weight was enough to make all moviegoers startle. But after years of not knowing how to speak human language, can Pikachu speak now? It is unbelievable. If vSo why is it that Pikachu hasn’t spoken for nearly 20 years?

In fact, this was originally explained in a television program called Onegai! Ranking Gold in 2011. At this event, all of Japan’s most famous voice actors will be invited, and of course there will be Pikachu voice actor – Ikue Otani.

Does Pikachu know what to say other than the word Pika | Khám phá

At this program, the voice actors will be ranked to see who is the best. Not surprisingly, Ms. Otani is at the top. She was even judged to have done her job too well, with just Pikachu’s trademark “pika” and still creating a lot of expressive nuances for this electric mouse. In addition, they further revealed that Pikachu was originally intended to speak human language in the long-running anime, but the plan was canceled due to Otani’s excellence.

Of course, the Pokemon animation makers have never given up the idea of ​​letting Pikachu speak in human language. However, it was not until 2017 that this electric mouse knew how to speak human language. Hopefully, after knowing how to speak human language, seiyuu Otani will not have to give up the 20-year job that makes her name – saying only the words “pika” and “pikachu” but still capturing people watch movie.

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