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Do not want people gathered in the streets, the Polish government opened the Minecraft server itself to ‘entice’ young people to play games at home

In the context that the COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated worldwide, the Polish government has decided to close all schools and entertainment places nationwide to limit the spread of the epidemic. sick. Even so, there are still many people in this country still out of the way due to feeling … bored when indoors.

Understanding this situation, the Polish government has recently implemented a series of extremely unique measures to ‘keep’ young people indoors. According to Marshable, the Polish government has launched a website called Grarantanna, which includes lots of interesting online activities for young people to participate at home.

Polish government decided to set up a Minecraft server to ‘lure’ HS-SV of this country at home playing games, instead of gathering in the street.

One of the most popular activities is the game, when government officials created a Minecraft server, dedicated to students from elementary to high school levels in Poland. Like many other countries in the world, Minecraft is one of the few extremely popular titles for teenagers in this European country.

Notably, when participating in the Minecraft server above, players can also participate in a competition with the ‘super huge’ prize awarded by the Polish government.

Accordingly, each gamer will be given an area of ​​60 × 60 size to freely build its own world. Players are encouraged to build and reproduce the famous architectural works in real life in the game so that the most realistic. The best creations will be awarded on March 30.

On social networking site Reddit, the move by the Polish government quickly received much praise from netizens. Most social media users say the government really understands the psychology of young people when using games as a means to limit going out.

In fact, the game is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world during the COVID-19 season. In China, the quarantine situation as well as the trend at home to avoid epidemics in China has led to an increase in the number of people playing mobile games.

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Do not want people gathered in the streets the Polish government opened the Minecraft server itself to entice young people to play games at home | Game Online

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