‘Do not speak lot! SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world ‘

Enter the final match of the group stage first leg stage Worlds 2020, Suning Machi Esports – The defending champion of the PCS region. And similar to Team Liquid, MCX had to receive an unpleasant match, especially the Gemini Jungler, when they suffered the final defeat after the “sweep” of SofM and teammates.

SN vs MCX Highlights Day 4 Worlds 2020 Main Event Suning vs Machi Esports by Onivia

A match holding Nidalee farm twice as much as the opponent’s jungle can be explained because of many factors such as the match, the situation … But 2 matches in a row repeating this scenario, everyone who knows about League of Legends must all admit that SofM’s level deserves to be in the top rank of excellent junglers.

After the match, a series of commentators, experts, former players … confirmed SofM’s talent and how he showed it in this tournament. Although Suning does not have a good record, SofM itself is making experts go from surprise to surprise.

LoLEsports’ statistics portal: “With 141 troop stats in the 15th minute while holding General Nidalee, SofM is the jungler with the fastest farming speed in a game at CKTG 2020, the old record belongs to DRX. Pyosik with 135 troop stats in his UOL win. In addition, SofM ended the game with 28.6% taking down the kill, the lowest score for a player on the winning team at Worlds 2020. ”

 Do not speak lot SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world | Esports

BLV Rusty: “There are 2 types of Junglers in the world, SofM and No-Right-SofM. Make sure you have SofM in any case (BLV’s taste is to have an excellent jungler like SofM)

 Do not speak lot SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world | Esports

Mark Zimmerman – Former Team Liquid Coach: “SofM is truly the No. 1 Jungle”

 Do not speak lot SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world | Esports

MC Sjokz: “It’s not that SofM is a bit OP.”

 Do not speak lot SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world | Esports

BLV LEC Trevor “Quickshot” Henry: “SofM. Remember this name.”

 Do not speak lot SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world | Esports

Ran – LPL’s famous Blogger: “I watched SofM’s proview for 20 minutes, he only lost 2 jungle camps … of the enemy team, out of the jungle where he was.

On Twitter is a boom, what about China? Keywords related to SofM quickly reached the top hot search on Weibo, in addition, during the stream of comments on Huya – The streaming platform that owns the copyright to broadcast CKTG 2020 in Chinese version, Letme – Former RNG player and once won the LPL, without hesitation declaring: “SofM is the # 1 Jungler at this Worlds. All of his performances are perfect and deserve to be included in the textbook as the benchmark for other Junglers.”

As for the experts and “professionals”, it is, and the gaming community is no different, especially with Vietnamese LoL fans and LPL fans. On Weibo, a series of posts that share highlights or impressive statistics of SofM are constantly being shared, and it seems that in the eyes of the Chinese, besides Lee Sin or Graves, SofM’s Nidalee is also become an unbelievable “divine” image.

 Do not speak lot SofM is the number 1 Jungler in the world | Esports

Photo caption: Mr. SofM has just released a new assignment, which is generally very simple and easy to learn


– Yes, it’s easy, just do exactly as in the clip.

– I tried it easily, based on when the opponent finished the attack, dodged it.

– Oh teacher, I haven’t submitted Lee Sin’s homework the day before …

SofM’s affirmation of the position of “World’s No. 1 jungler” may just be instant emotional words, but if many big names of international League of Legends have the same opinion as So, it means that SofM’s talent completely convinced them.

Of course, “Top 1 Forest” does not mean that Suning or SofM are “unmatched” names. This team will have to face many difficult games ahead, and the practical goal is still to overcome each obstacle. However, with the comments that include the expertise mentioned above, SofM’s fans have the right to believe that if he plays firmly enough and maintains a good performance, Suning has a chance. made miracles at this year’s tournament.

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