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Do not miss 3 extremely hot features in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG

Hoa Son Luan Kiem – the land of martial arts skills & PK skills

Considered a feature for players to show their PK level as well as their fighting skills against other players. The most expensive point of Hoa Son Luan Kiem is the freedom of PK in a balanced playing environment. This feature is making gamers fidgety in the fierce competition between the players who love martial arts.

Gamers excitedly share Hoa Son Luan Kiem matches.

In Tan Tieu Ngao VNG, the confrontation between the players is divided into two forms: argument sword (1vs1) and debate (3vs3). Both are open season by season & apply in server and inter-server scope. If 1vs1 helps gamers more and more perfect their “solo” PK skills, is flexible in competition and creates prestige, 3vs3 is an opportunity for players to do well in their team role, support and fight together. to glory.

Do not miss 3 extremely hot features in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG | Mobile & Social

As 1vs1 or 3vs3, they also bring special emotions & excitement to gamers.

Master Do & treasured things in the context of martial arts

Master Map is a familiar feature of the MMORPG series and is loved by many players. It is a deep relationship between the leader and juniors, working together to go through the tasks and challenges of the master, from which both benefit, mature and perfect themselves. Activities and interactions in the Master Do system also partly reflect the guru-respect of gamers in the context of swordsmanship.

Do not miss 3 extremely hot features in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG | Mobile & Social

Level 33 is the character who is able to open the Master Map interface.

Do not miss 3 extremely hot features in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG | Mobile & Social

In order to become each other’s Master / disciple, apart from the suitability of the teacher, it is necessary to really have a predestined relationship in the journey of conquering the Gypsy.

In the life of a newcomer or a master, everyone has at least one Master / disciple to accompany. If the Master / Disciple relationship is over, players can still “free” each other for a chance to reunite with another Master / disciple. However, the quest sequence along with Master Attacks benefits will be cleared by the system. Character “remake from scratch” with a new Master / disciple, opening a new journey.

Ky Wuk – surprise, luck & lots of fun

With two types of Normal & Special, Wukong is special in that it cannot take the active, it is activated passively. This type of quest cannot be abandoned, if failure can be redone. Ky Wuk is also one of the most diverse missions in the game, stimulating players in each activity and bringing many benefits to gamers in each character’s adult stage.

Do not miss 3 extremely hot features in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG | Mobile & Social

Performing Ky Wukong, players will have the opportunity to know more interesting stories in Gypsy.

As can be seen, the excitement of this type of quest lies in its surprise – suddenly the player receives the Wukong, which is scratched to complete, but the rewards are not absorbed. Or there are times when gamers wait forever but luckily does not smile at me – Ky Wuk did not visit. This task is currently being shared and discussed actively by gamers on game groups with many different levels of emotions.

A fiery PK or simply entertainment, experiencing a life of a scholar, … all are packed in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG. This large pool will be a place for each gamer to struggle and express themselves, writing their own martial arts story.

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