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Do not let a pandemic 1 or 2 in history go meaninglessly: Covid-19 created the golden era of opportunities, if caught, you will become the leader.

Thomas Frey is an American speaker, futurist, author of the books “Communicating with the Future” (2011) and “Epiphany Z: Eight Radical Visions for Transforming Your Future” (2017).

The following is an article expressing his views on 19 trends and 19 opportunities between the Covid-19 crisis.

As Mayor of Chicago, US Rahm Emanuel once said: “Do not let a serious crisis pass meaninglessly”.

Currently, the world is moving into unprecedented times. Soon, the history books will certainly recognize Covid-19 as the most expensive crisis ever made.

Many people may argue here that World War I and II were much more expensive, but, remember, this pandemic has not ended.

We are witnessing the Black Swan disaster (the extremely rare and unpredictable economic phenomenon that brings devastating consequences to the economy) the worst of the Swan disaster. black ever happened.

As a futurist, I consider myself to be a very careful observer, an analyst of trends and a researcher for signs of extremely important changes in the midst of a panic. disorder.

I started to watch for Covid-19 since it started spreading around the world. At that time, health officials had only implemented a few quarantine measures, banned travel and did not gather in a patchwork manner. Until now, many chain of events, production activities have been canceled or interrupted, and measures to ban migration have been applied. All of which create a series of unintended consequences. Not all is bad, but not all.

Ironically, this time we are realizing we are more emotionally connected to each other even though our bodies may be distant.

19 social trends between typhoon Covid-19

The most expensive crisis in history

Of course, up to this point we haven’t been able to measure all the damage caused by Covid-19, but one thing is for sure, it will be very expensive. This is a global problem, massively weakening many businesses to close at the same time.

Reshape how the world copes with future crises

The world now has a “handbook” for dealing with future infectious diseases. Along with that, we also set the stage for future problems. Although 887,000 people die from Hepatitis B, 773,000 people die from malaria and 450,000 people die from rotavirus each year. However, new viruses will still be able to appear at any time.

Hit the giant “reset” button for the Earth

Right now, we are in a “paused” state of effectively “resetting” life on the planet. The implications of this reestablishment will be felt for many years to come until people begin to ask: What has changed and what remains the same?

The “economic pandemic” will cause a much bigger disaster than the “pandemic”

That said, the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading more economically faster than the medical aspect. The consequences for economies may eventually surpass mortality from disease. Bankruptcy, homelessness, suicide, theft and a host of other illegal actions will increase dramatically.

Do not let a pandemic 1 or 2 in history go meaninglessly Covid 19 created the golden era of opportunities if caught you will become the leader | ICT News

Our US $ 87 trillion global economy now operates capital based on one person’s spending activities, becoming the other’s income. A domino collapse will occur when a part of society stops spending. It will spread very quickly and affect every person in every country.

Shaking hands suddenly becomes an expression that proves “you’re a fool”

Because of Covid-19, one of the symbols of business communication that shook hands suddenly became rarer than ever.

Increase new power

There will be many who have not noticed, the freedom as workers and businesses has been temporarily removed. This is the first time in history that governments have required private businesses to close. All national leaders are using more power and control than at any time in history.

The biggest career transition in history

Production and business activities are currently unprecedented disturbance, resulting in mass layoffs. Some people will see this as a great time to switch jobs, but some may start thinking of their own business.

In general, companies born in recession will tend to be much more durable and resilient than those that started in prosperous economic times. I assure you that the amount of job losses in this career change trend will be very different from any time in the past.

Recruitment process has disadvantages

In a time when human resources departments have mushroomed, and numerous new employment laws have taken effect in the past decade, most businesses are “afraid” to streamline the hiring process. That will create a huge return when they have to recover from the crisis.

As awareness of the world increases, we will have to play by the rules of others

In the process of gathering resources to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic, China unintentionally formulated a plan that is likely to be followed by other countries. Clearly, if the corona virus originated in Japan, Brazil or India, we could have taken a completely different approach.

The new face of health care

Like the plague that ushered in an era of labor reform and medieval medicine innovation, Covid-19 would create a great revolution in the field of health care. Still, it is too early to predict how the health system will change after a pandemic.

Aviation industry reborn

For most businesses that can survive, the cost of going on business trips will be significantly lower. The reason is because once companies realize that they can still survive even fewer face-to-face meetings, travel cost proposals will be more scrutinized.

Remember, the motivation for online video conferencing applications was based primarily on the need to save travel costs.

Education will undergo fundamental changes

As we are witnessing, online classes are being rolled out on a global scale. Teachers who had previously objected to this method must now make every effort because they have no other choice. Distance education and digital are certainly not new, but this will be the perfect time to digitize and democratize education.

The retail industry has changed

Major retail chains like Walmart, Target and Costco became the focus of panic when their shelves were all empty. On the contrary, it is the quiet scene of small physical stores and grocery stores. In the future, traditional retail stores will face many difficulties in the competition with e-commerce.

The delivery service shines

Over the past few weeks, I’m sure almost everyone has learned how to use some of the new delivery apps. Companies in the US such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, and Uber Eats are all overburdened with orders. Recruitment demand for delivery staff is also very large. It can be said that delivery service is a rare bright spot in this gloomy period.

The change in the posts, the story

From now on, every Hollywood movie and TV show will be divided into two main groups: Before and After the Covid-19 pandemic. Handshakes, hugs, face-to-face meetings will no longer appear. Instead, washing your hands, wearing a mask and buying toilet paper.

A few new words will appear including “social isolation”, “self-isolation” and “staying still.”

Era of adaptability, flexibility and resilience

When forced into survival mode, we all need to hone our field skills, making it more flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Of course these are things that are neither easy to teach nor easy to learn but it is certainly something that future employers will take precedence over.


Be prepared for the booming number of babies being born over Christmas and New Year. Chances are they will be called Corona Generation.

“Lonely epidemic”

Although it is known that social isolation measures are necessary to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, it will in fact cause social degradation, greatly affecting social contact, especially those who are easily felt. the most lonely and isolated. This is especially difficult for the elderly.

Do not let a pandemic 1 or 2 in history go meaninglessly Covid 19 created the golden era of opportunities if caught you will become the leader | ICT News

The unforeseen consequences of Covid-19 will become epic

We are entering the most innovative period in all history. When people have time to think and ponder, they begin to have time to come up with new ideas. Millions of new businesses will be created, millions of new products will be launched, millions of new services will be converted.

But for those who are unable to adapt to the new reality of life, the downside of Covid-19 will manifest in many ways related to stress including intensifying issues such as domestic violence, child abuse. , suicide, drugs, alcohol … We also see protests, riots …

New era of opportunities

Take a deep breath and exhale. Do it about 200 times.

I consider Covid-19 to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it’s equally shared among everyone. The whole world is leveling off, so stop thinking about things you can’t do. Instead, now consider that your life is a blank paper and begin to imagine how you can create the life you still want.

1. Do nothing. Imagine what your life would be like without doing anything?

2. Take a deep sleep.

3. Refresh yourself with family members.

4. Learn how to be a good parent. Listen to the children. Repress their fear. If we can honestly listen to what our children have to say, they will give perfect love to us. But to create friendly, open conversations is an art. You definitely have to work hard to make it.

5. Learn to cook. Stop complaining about restaurants when you can’t go there and get started.

6. Plan your upcoming vacation. Try rotating the globe to see where your next location will be.

7. Take time to reevaluate. Learn to meditate, practice yoga or simply sit quietly and listen to the sounds of life.

8. Try walking. When most of the gyms are closed, this is the best time to maintain your physical and mental health.

9. Volunteering to help friends, or a non-profit organization or group of people.

10. Take 1, 2 or even 12 online courses.

11. Try gardening.

12. Try online sales.

13. Set your own activities, state your motivation and learn how to do it.

14. Try a new habit.

15. Try writing a book you always wanted to see.

16. Try writing a screenplay, a play, lyrics, a business plan, even your own autobiography. Whatever it is, just try to write it.

17. Create your own channel, be it YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Patreon or whatever.

18. Make really serious efforts to become the kind of person you always wanted.

19. Make a big plan. Don’t let the past detention wall of you determine the freedom you have in the future.

Last words

Those born in the 1960s and ’70s knew about quicksand. For filmmakers this is the perfect recipe to get the attention of the audience. Viewers will immediately feel scared when they imagine themselves sinking. Can our heroes escape this dangerous situation before it’s too late?

Most of the movies I watched as a child had scenes of an important person falling into a quicksand and everyone understood the rules of survival in the face of this situation.

But, in essence, quicksand is not as dangerous as we think. Studies show that we can’t be buried in quicksand pits and only sink to the hip or chest.

Do not let a pandemic 1 or 2 in history go meaninglessly Covid 19 created the golden era of opportunities if caught you will become the leader | ICT News

But because of the deviations right from the start, for most kids, quicksand is really scary.

Quicksand is very similar to the current panic of Covid-19. As well as quicksand, Covid-19 looks from another angle that can help us enter the golden era of opportunities. It will become the turning point for each of our lives.

Covid-19 will accelerate “digital life” and so we should start thinking about the term unlimited possibilities. The plague gives us time to renew every aspect of modern life.

This is also the time to help those in need, connect with old friends, build new relationships and refresh the to-do list.

Reading all of the above, how will you use these opportunities to change your life and those of others?

Do not let a pandemic 1 or 2 in history go meaninglessly Covid 19 created the golden era of opportunities if caught you will become the leader | ICT News

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