Dissecting asteroid that fell in the Sahara desert, scientists found Mars’ ‘secret’ 4.4 billion years ago

In 2011 and 2012, a pair of dark asteroids were discovered in the Sahara desert, Africa respectively. The asteroid pair were named NWA 7034 and NWA 7533. Subsequent analysis showed that these meteors all originated from Mars, with an age of 4.4 billion years.

Accordingly, by the time Mars was only 200 million years old, a collision caused by a comet or asteroid may have occurred, sending a large amount of rock on the Red Planet’s surface. space.

After ‘wandering’ for a very long time in the solar system, one of the Mars debris was attracted to Earth ‘s gravity about 600 million years ago.

During the plunge into Earth’s atmosphere, the meteor exploded and dispersed into at least 10 fragments that fell into the Sahara desert area. Two of the meteorite fragments found are NWA 7034 and NWA 7533.

The NWA 7533 meteorite, originally from Mars, is one of the oldest dating meteors ever found.

In the new research published in the journal Science Advances On October 30, researchers at the University of Tokyo (Japan) announced interesting findings about Mars after analyzing in detail 50 grams of the sample from NWA 7533.

After analyzing the mineral composition of NWA 7533, experts noticed the chemical signature of the oxidation process, which usually occurs when water forms. This means, water may have appeared on the surface of Earth’s ‘neighbor’ from 4.4 billion years ago, up to 700 million years earlier than previously estimated. .

“The macadam or fragmentary rock in meteorites is formed from magma, usually caused by impact and oxidation.”

“This oxidation could have occurred if water were present on the Martian surface 4.4 billion years ago, during a collision event that partially melts the crust. Our analysis also shows Such a collision would release a lot of hydrogen, which contributes to Mars’ warming at a time when the planet has a dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide, “said Professor Takashi Mikuchim, from the University of Tokyo. The research team leader said.

Through research results, Japanese scientists believe that water may be a natural byproduct of some planet formation processes from the early days. This discovery also helps scientists gradually elucidate the origin of water, which in turn may influence theories about the origin of extraterrestrial life.

Refer to Daily Mail

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