Disrespecting Chinese people with malicious language, LCK players make the community angry, face the risk of ‘going out’.

Recently, the community League of Legends China and South Korea have had a wave of extreme toxic action OnFleek – The player is currently on the payroll SANDBOX Gaming in the LCK, caused during a stream, and the target audience was a young Chinese player.

Specifically, after a loss in the ranking match, player Leona on OnFleek’s team had a KDA 0/9/18, and he was hit by the report button by OnFleek. It is worth mentioning that the content of OnFleek’s report again uses extremely malicious words: “A Chinese guy (Ch * nk: How to call a Chinese person with sarcastic or disdainful connotations) is a good Chinese dead man.”

The incident quickly fell into the eyes of netizens, and not only the Chinese gaming community, but even Korean fans had no words to justify OnFleek’s overly words.

On foreign forums, SB’s players are facing countless criticisms and threats from League of Legends fans. As for the SANDBOX management team, the team’s manager also posted on Twitter stating that they have received feedback from the gaming community and are currently investigating. The results of the investigation as well as the method of handling the case will be announced soon.

Disrespecting Chinese people with malicious language LCK players make the community angry face the risk of going out | Esports

The outrage wave of the online community has not stopped yet, even many viewers are demanding that the SB side immediately terminate the contract with OnFleek, because his disdain and toxic attitude can affect affect the image of the LCK tournament, as well as deepen the discord between the two Chinese and Korean fan communities.

In the worst case scenario, chances are OnFleek will really have to “get out” just because of its toxic actions.

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