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Discovered the second moon of the Earth

Astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey claim that they have discovered a second natural satellite orbiting the Earth, next to the Moon we all know. It looks like Earth has yet another moon orbiting it.

The discovery revealed that a small asteroid was caught in Earth’s orbit, and became a temporary moon. Scientists discovered the asteroid last week, but wanted to confirm that it was not artificial satellites or space junk, due to its small size.

Discovered the second moon of the Earth | Khám phá

An astronomer in the research group in Catalina posted a video showing the second moon orbiting Earth. And they call it 2020 CD3. Because of its relatively small size, it is estimated to be only 3.5 meters in diameter, so we cannot see this second moon with the naked eye from Earth.

Discovered the second moon of the Earth | Khám phá

This is a very rare phenomenon, but it is not unheard of. Fourteen years ago, scientists also discovered a temporary moon of the Earth. This connection is also not forever, within 2 months the second moon will say goodbye to the Earth and continue to fly into space.

Reference: thenextweb

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