Discover the 4 most attractive endings that Doraemon hard fans want to happen?

Doraemon ran out of energy, Nobita determined to study well and invent this battery.

This is a much-loved ending and is thought to originate from a fan named Nobuo Sato. The story is about the battery of a mechanical cat Doraemon running out of energy, and Nobita had to choose to replace the battery pack inside the cat by itself on the floor. However, at that time, there was not any invention that could produce a battery pack enough to make Doraemon return to normal operation.

And this is a huge turning point for Nobita. He tried to study, train and work hard at school. Nobita wants to be a robot expert. And finally, in the future, he truly became a robot professor and succeeded in reviving the mechanical cat. From a playful boy who relies on Nobita to become an excellent student, a leading professor of robot manufacturing. This is also the end that many fans think is reasonable.

Nobita has autism and that all the other characters including Doraemon are just his imagination.

This idea has encountered a lot of controversy from the fan community that loves the Doraemon series. Nobita was a sick boy waiting to die, so he imagined all his stories including the cat Doraemon.

Discover the 4 most attractive endings that Doraemon hard fans want to happen | Manga/Film

The idea of ​​Nobita getting sick received a lot of opposition from Doraemon fans

This has made the majority of Japanese fans angry. Many people even protested in front of the publishers’ gate for fear they would follow this idea to end the Doraemon series. The publisher had to make an official statement that this ending was not true. It’s easy to understand, isn’t it, a story about children with such an ending is really unhappy and leaves many bad things for readers, especially the age of children.

Nobita fell and hit his head on a stone. He was in a deep coma and even fell into a semi-vegetative state.

This is an idea that has been debated by many fans and also caused many Doraemon fan forums to debate for a long time. According to this idea, in order to contribute money for Nobita’s surgery, Doraemon sold all his treasures in a magic bag. However, the surgery failed.

Discover the 4 most attractive endings that Doraemon hard fans want to happen | Manga/Film

Nobita’s idea of ​​memory loss is not well supported

When Doraemon still had one last gem, the cat used it to take Nobita wherever he went. In the end, the place Nobita wants to go to is heaven. A sad ending idea, but many people think that it honors the value of friendship and the value of life.

Doraemon, after helping Nobita grow up to have love from Xuka, the mechanical cat has returned to the future world.

This is probably the idea that ends the Doraemon series which is widely popular and supported by many fans. It fits the story line as well as the nature of a children’s series. Nobita’s dream came true when he made dramatic changes in his lifestyle, became hardworking and successful. Then when rich and successful Nobita married his love, Xuka. But Doraemon was unable to stop the nostalgia about Nobita so he returned to Nobita and their friendship became forever.

Discover the 4 most attractive endings that Doraemon hard fans want to happen | Manga/Film

This is the idea that ended up receiving the most support from Doraemon fans

In fact, the Doraemon series has no definitive ending. It seems that the fourth idea was put in by the author when Nobita finally married Xuka in the future. What do you think about the above, please leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the article!

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