Disaster Report 4: Horrific Disaster – Memory of a thunderstorm summer

Although it has been on the Japanese market for quite a long time, until now Disaster Report 4 has clearly announced the release schedule for English and Western versions on April 7, 2020. No one other than NIS America itself will be in charge of releasing this game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Of course, the game will also support the PlayStation VR.

The plot of Disaster Report 4 is set in the focus of an earthquake disaster. However, the game will lead players through the perspective of a young female character along with many other characters that are clearly arranged in content for each individual character line. On the first day of the job interview, it was the day of the terrible earthquake. Forcing players to find a way out of a swarm of chaos, panic and despair before the terrible disaster of this nature.

Disaster Report 4 Horrific Disaster Memory of a thunderstorm summer | PC/Console

Many of the dangerous situations that the character faces, the severe challenges that must be experienced make players feel nervous and have to make decisions quickly and accurately. At this time, the instinct of survival and the desire to live at all costs made an adult girl be able to overcome many horrific challenges that even in a dream she had never experienced before.

It will be more realistic and more attractive if you experience the game with VR equipment. Together lost in the world is about to disappear with Disaster Report 4

Disaster Report 4 Horrific Disaster Memory of a thunderstorm summer | PC/Console

The game was officially released on 07/04/2020 and those who are passionate about adventure genre certainly can not be ignored.

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