Director John Wick once struggled fiercely to retain the scene of the dog murder in part 1 to shock the audience.

When it comes to assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves), fans often jokingly say that this guy just because of the death of a dog left by his late wife, “turned on” the beast to chase after him. with the killer. Although there are many reasons for Baba Yaga’s decision to return to the assassin path after he was determined to retreat to hiding, the scene of the poor puppy being murdered just because trying to protect Wick really touched the heart. of millions of fans.

Not only is the symbol of love with his wife, this dog also symbolizes the life of the “bugaboo” then: Normal, quiet, small and carefree, regardless of the outside. So killing it is like taking away the peace of John Wick, a peace that he had long been longing for, especially after the sudden departure of his wife.

Although only appearing in a very short time at the beginning of John Wick 1, this dog has left an indelible impression on the fans.

However, you may not know, production studio John Wick originally intended to remove this classic scene. They think it is just a small detail, not really necessary if not a bit redundant. Perhaps just the scenario of the gang Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen) “kh khà” and robbing Wick’s car was enough reason for this assassin to re-export Gypsy. Not to mention the idea of ​​killing a cute puppy that can cause negative reactions from the audience.

However, the director duo Chad Stahelski and David Leitch fought fiercely with the studio to keep this scene in the premiere. Share with Comicbook, they said: “I understand the studio wants to perform John Wick well. And there was a time when they were concerned about this scene and wanted to cut it off, only focusing on the story of the re-export of an assassin enjoying his retirement.”.

Writer Derek Kolstad also agreed with the director’s team. And it is true that the details related to Wick’s dog have become one of the topics throughout all three films, repeated by fans, even appearing in many memes on the Internet. Derek said: “Chad and Dave are always fighting for ideas that they think will make it. They tried to persuade the dog not to be cut, and they were right. Not only that, but they are always willing to put everything they can into the premiere so that the script will become the most unexpected and unpredictable. They are real talents and are doing very well their job”.

Director John Wick once struggled fiercely to retain the scene of the dog murder in part 1 to shock the audience | Manga/Film

The relationship between John Wick and his puppies has become a symbol of this series.

It sounds simple, but actually this is an extremely difficult process for the duo director John Wick. The producer was always skeptical of the dog’s details, until the first screening was held. Writer Derek continued to share: “Chad and Dave have encountered a lot of opposition in many different aspects. During the first premiere, we focused on observing the audience’s reaction rather than watching the movie content. When Wick’s dog left, and the fight in his house, the audience was extremely shocked and excited. And we know, the choice of these two directors is absolutely correct”.

Finally, Derek concluded:During the production of the film, it was inevitable that mixed opinions from the audience. No matter what you did, how hard, post-production, viewers have the right to give their personal opinion. And all you can do is accept it. However, the dog case in John Wick 1 is extremely rare. We were determined to put it into the premiere and the result was a successful success, creating an indelible impression in every audience.”.

According to Comicbook

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