Detective Detective: Learn about Kaito Kid, the ‘rival puffer’ has the super intelligence as much as Conan


Super burglar Kid was born on June 21, a famous thief specializing in stealing diamonds and gems. He is known by the name Kaito Kid or “International Crime 1412”. Kid is the name derived from the number “1412” created by a journalist and read by Yusaku Kudo (Shinichi Kudo’s father) as “KID” (14 = KI, 12 = D). Kaito in Japanese means “mysterious thief”. That’s why in the English versions, Kaito Kid is also known as Phantom Thief Kid or Kid The Phantom Thief.

Kaito Kid is considered a “rival” that Conan always admires

The true identity of Kid superhero is a world famous magician Kuroba Toichi and also Kaito Kid’s father. The story begins 8 years ago, Toichi is hired by a criminal organization. This organization is considered by fans to be the “Black Organization” in the popular Detective Conan series, even though its members do not wear black clothes. They hired Kaito Kid’s father to find and steal a precious stone.

This stone is considered to be extracted from the tears of the comet called “Pandora pearl”, will bring immortality for those who swallow it. After realizing he was cooperating with the bad guy, Toichi decided to refuse. So this criminal organization murdered him in a magic show, but that death was identified as an accident. The current Kaitou Kid is Toichi’s son, Kuroba Kaito, a high school student as well as a talented magician who learns magic and disguise from his father.

Detective Detective Learn about Kaito Kid the rival puffer has the super intelligence as much as Conan | Manga/Film

Kaito Kid inherits the ability to disguise and talented magic from his father Kuroba Toichi

Kid’s true identity is not easy to discover, even Edogawa Conan. After discovering that his father was Kid, Kaito disguised himself as a Kid to investigate his father’s death. He finds out that his father was murdered by a mysterious crime organization after he refused to steal the Pandora stone. Kaito then tried to steal and destroy the stone to prove to the murderer who stole his father’s life that immortality does not exist in this world.

In addition, he lured them to face by notifying everyone, including the police force, about his next target of stealing, and his target often coincided with the goal the organization held. Mysterious crime is also aimed, because one of the stones they want to steal may be the Pandora.


Super thief Kid is a talented thief, never arrested. He is very good at skiing but he cannot ski. He is very gifted in performing magic tricks and illusions. He is also very good at breaking into and climbing rope to escape, imitating anyone’s voice without support equipment. Among them is the most prominent financial disguise. By doing so, he made many people believe that he was their relative or colleague. However, unlike Mori Kogoro, he is bad at joking and of course cannot smoke. Therefore, when playing the role of Mori Kogoro, he is always discovered by Conan.

Above is all about what superstar Kaito Kid, who is considered a rival, is later a powerful assistant of Conan in discovering and destroying the Black Organization. What do you think of this character? Feel free to leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the post.

Kaito Kid props used

Detective Detective Learn about Kaito Kid the rival puffer has the super intelligence as much as Conan | Manga/Film

Kaito Kid uses a lot of modern and sophisticated props

Kaito Kid always uses modern tools to serve the purpose of his theft. Most notably, the gun shoots thin and sharp metal cards, a cloak that can bounce into “flying wings”, purple smoke bombs, and explosive effigies that play a distracting force. amount of police.

Kaitou Kid is also known for his climbing and acrobatic skills (jumping over houses, climbing and crawling in chimneys and drains …) and the ability to imitate any voice without equipment. support (like Conan devices). He also had an assistant, who worked for his father – an old man named Jii.

The personality and person that Kaito Kid loves

Kaito is a very smart and famous person for his prank jokes. He likes to tease others with his magic talent. Every time Kaito teases Aoko, a childhood friend, she chases after revenge with whatever she grabs like a broom or mop. But she secretly liked Kaito, and always thought he was a good person.

But Aoko has no idea that Kaitou is the “Super Kid Kaitou Kid” that she hates, because Kid not only stole other people’s things, but also caused her father (Inspector Nakamori) to always try to catch him, so he didn’t. have time with my daughter.

Detective Detective Learn about Kaito Kid the rival puffer has the super intelligence as much as Conan | Manga/Film

Kaito Kid and great but silent love for Aoko

Kid’s allies and opponents

Kid’s supporters include Sonoko Suzuki, Jii (who served Kid’s father), a large number of girls at Ekoda High School, Miwako Satou, including brothers robbing things, students and some children. and the public.

It is possible to compare Kudo Shinichi with Sherlock Holmes and Kuroba Kaitou with Arsène Lupine. Throughout the series as well as in the anime, Kaitou Kid and Conan have always faced each other like Yusaku (Shinichi’s father) and Toichi (Kaito’s father) in the past. Kaito discovered that Conan was actually Shinichi after the third movie Detective Conan, although the comics did not mention it. Although they always confront each other, but they do not realize that both are investigating the whereabouts of the same organization.

Detective Detective Learn about Kaito Kid the rival puffer has the super intelligence as much as Conan | Manga/Film

Kaito Kid’s greatest rival is Conan

Kid’s opponents include Shinichi Kudo, also known after his shrunken, Edogawa Conan, Ginzo Nakamori, Saguru Hakuba, Snake and Black Organization,. In addition, the police force Mori Kogoro, Takagi Wataru, Spider (an assassin, only appearing in the anime) are also eager to track down Kid

Kid’s fear

Super burglar Kid has a fear of fish, although he is not afraid to go to jail like criminals or other thieves. He asserted that he was immortal, unable to be arrested but almost in every case where Conan was present, he was discovered and failed. In addition, he was afraid of his identity being discovered, especially for Inspector Nakamori and even Aoko – whom Kaito secretly loved.

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