Detective Conan: Take a look at 3 names that were suspected by fans as the boss of the mysterious organization in Black

The theme of “Who is the boss of the Black Organization” is probably the everlasting topic that, despite many years, its heat and attractiveness still makes readers extremely interested. And for a long time, many theories have shown that the following 3 names have been used by fans Conan Suspected to be the boss of the evil and dangerous Black Organization.

1. Dr. Agasa

This is the person who got caught in many “suspicions” as the last Boss in many years. This is explained by the somewhat “naive” appearance, the ability to “judge wrong” in cases but possesses an absolute intelligence, Dr. Agasa is an interesting and unpredictable character. most of the series.

Dr. Agasa is a character with very powerful inventions

Dr. Agasa has a long history of scientific research with a lot of logical inferences, but he “reasoning” in cases. It is not coincidence that he met Haibara to bring up. The black shirt organization once raided the house of Detective Mori, knowing that Conan was Shinichi and knowing that Haibara was with the doctor, so why not track down or even kidnap a Ph.D. “So to extract information? Many people also said that Dr. Agasa’s being single and serving for research must have a secret basis. So it is very likely that room is used for exchanging information with “500 brothers” in the black organization.

It is the above things that make the name of Agasa always be brought to the “fans” by the fans when organizing the Black Shirt with cruel and dangerous actions for Conan and the relatives around this young detective.

2. Detective Mori

If we consider Dr. Agasa “chicken” in the case, we must realize that Detective Mori is more “chicken”, because many times he successfully solved the case thanks to Conan, but he did not have any doubts. take a bit.

Just as an amateur-sized detective would probably realize the absurdities in the cases he himself broke, there was certainly some doubt that someone had helped him and would find a way to uncover the truth. real. But why is our sleepy detective so innocent?

Detective Conan Take a look at 3 names that were suspected by fans as the boss of the mysterious organization in Black | Manga/Film

Detective Mori is not as stupid as we think

From the above, the fans have doubts with his father Ran Mori. Many people believe that the fact that Mori did not care and “thought” was the case himself while sleeping, maybe it was just a “fake” trick of the true boss. Detective Mori was with his daughter with Conan, but he often went to horse racing and spent time alone in the office when Conan and Ran went to school. With the “caliber” of the tycoon, Mr. Mori will surely know how to erase the traces when “working” at home. And also from those facilities, this Mori detective has been repeatedly “brought to the ground” by Conan fans whenever he organizes a Black shirt to do evil.

3. Conan’s father – Yusaku Kudo

This is a character who converges all “heaven, earth, and peace” to be a classic tycoon. An intelligent person who can rank in the top 1 of the series and is also closest to Conan. This is one of the most interesting theories because if this happens then the series will have a father-son “remnant” landslide. This is also an ending that many other manga series have successfully exploited.

The most suspicious thing of Yusaku is that when his son is in danger, shrunken and confronted with a formidable mafia organization, the father still does not worry and just “let” him, as if he would know. Nobody dares to “kill” Conan.

Detective Conan Take a look at 3 names that were suspected by fans as the boss of the mysterious organization in Black | Manga/Film

Yusaku Kudo is the smartest character of the series

In the series, he appeared many times to rescue Conan, but most of them were “Conan where, there were murders” but very few cases of “black shirts” were involved. he helped. So, whether Shinichi’s parents go to America to stay away from his son to act easily.

From all the above facilities, for a long time, Yusaku Kudo and Shinnichi Kudo were the encounter that many famous Detective Conan fans were looking forward to.

Above are the top 3 characters that have ever been put into question for the mysterious boss hot seat of Black Organization. Which of the 3 names do you have the most doubts about? Feel free to leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the post.

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