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Detail OB23, the version that shows the “quick change of hand” of Free Fire

Updates “Free Fire” next, called 3VOLNING, will bring loads of new things to the game. Here is a list of everything you need to know about what’s to come. According to a notice from Garena around the world, the OB23 version of “Free Fire” will be released on 7/29/2020. This update will add new characters, weapons, and pets to this game, making “Free Fire” much more alive.

New character – Luqueta

After the arrival of Clu, the “Free Fire” player will have a new football player named Luqueta. Luqueta will be available in Store after updating 3VOLNING. Previously, there were rumors that Garena will launch a football player called Lucas. However, through many OB21 and OB22 updates, everything about this character disappears. Once upon a time, this character seemed to never appear again “changed last name” of this character or not?

Luqueta’s skill is called Hat Trick, which can increase the maximum HP after each enemy kill. Each kill will increase the player’s maximum HP (8/10/12/14/16/18) to a maximum of 35. Same as what was described with Lucas in the past.

New weapon – AUG

Available in Classic and Clash Squad modes. The latest weapon to be introduced in Free Fire as part of the 3VOLNING update is AUG, one Famous assault rifles. This weapon is very versatile and can be used at close range, medium range or long range. AUG specifications are as follows:

Damage: 31

Cartridges for ammunition: 35

Rate of fire: 147

Equipped with a 2x viewfinder, which can be changed with other accessories.

Detail OB23 the version that shows the quick change of hand of Free Fire | Mobile & Social

Changes in weapon systems

AK (Buff +): AK damage has been increased slightly.

Damage: 37 => 38

Minimum damage: 12 => 14

Rate of fire: -3%

FAMAS (Buff +): Movement speed when firing with FAMAS has been increased by 10%.

M249 (Buff +): M249 damage has also been increased.

Minimum damage: 15 => 21

Maximum recoil: -18%

SPAS12 (Buff +): Minimum damage increased from 6 => 7.

Many uncommon and unwieldy weapons such as AK, FAMAS, M249, SPAS have been strengthened. These weapons are quite difficult to use and do not have enough power, and therefore, players often choose other weapons more easily.

New items: Resurrection / Horizaline

Available in Classic mode. This is an item to help gamers can revive itself after being defeated. However, the price of this item is quite expensive, so players need to consider how to use it effectively. Players are usually not revived by their teammates in Clash Squad because battles are constantly fought on the map. With the introduction of Horizaline, gamers have the opportunity to join the battle once they are defeated by reviving themselves.

Detail OB23 the version that shows the quick change of hand of Free Fire | Mobile & Social

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