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Designer dream keyboard: Only 26 keys equivalent to 26 functions in Photoshop, priced at nearly 3 million

Photoshop is one of the tools that are so familiar with graphic designers all over the world thanks to the ability to cut, edit images and be stronger and smarter. For those who have been using Photoshop for a long time, the shortcut system has become an integral part of their daily workflow. Instead of having to hover over the toolbar, rummage through each menu, they just need to press a few simple keystrokes to be able to complete the task they need, saving a lot of time working.

For this reason, 3dDcors has created a unique keyboard model specifically for Photoshop: Only 26 keys corresponding to the 26 most frequently used functions in the software. photo processing of Adobe. These basic functions include: area selection tool, masking tool (masking, virtual layer), undo, delete, … In addition, the unique mini keyboard model also integrates both. Tiny knobs to adjust parameters such as opacity (or opacity) of the brush (brush) – are the operations that designers often have to use at work.

Sample compact keyboard only includes shortcuts in Photoshop will be a great help for designers.

In addition, because the user interface of Photoshop is becoming more friendly and suitable for many user objects, this keyboard also possesses the same variability. Accordingly, you can change the default settings and assign other functions to each key press, depending on the nature of your work and Photoshop usage habits.

However, this keyboard also causes many difficulties for the “senior” Photoshop. For many years, designers have become familiar with basic operations, such as holding the Space key and hovering to use the Hand Tool. Meanwhile, the mini keyboard above is too minimalist, eliminating too many important keys (typically the way the space bar shrinks to a tiny one). Of course, after a period of experience, users will also be able to adapt to new operations. But to give up a habit, the key combination they have been sticking with for a long time is not an overnight affair. However, for newbies, this unique keyboard model will be an extremely useful tool in getting acquainted with Photoshop.

Designer dream keyboard Only 26 keys equivalent to 26 functions in Photoshop priced at nearly 3 million | Digital toys

Users can freely change the shortcut settings in Photoshop on this unique mini keyboard.

Currently, the Photoshop keyboard is sold on the Etsy platform for $ 120 (about 2.7 million) and can be easily connected to a computer via USB. Interested readers can order now this website.

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