Design disaster 2020: Android smartphones are the same and the iPhone is … the old iPhone

Like every year, with the iPhone event this year iFan can only be considered as… procedural. Throughout the summer, the new design of the iPhone 12 has been continuously leaked, details about the camera, configuration or price also appear in full before the official event.

But a product, although fully revealed before “on air”, can still be surprising. During the iPhone 12 event, longtime Apple fans have certainly seen the silhouette of a legendary product: the iPhone 5 launched in 2012.

Without the camera cluster, many people would believe that this is the iPhone 5.

Yes, the iPhone 12 is surprisingly similar to the iPhone that debuted in the year 12. When changing the new design, Apple opted for flatter, more square corners to replace the iPhone X (and XS, and 11 Pro) ‘s rounded corners. The metal rim comes with two small cut lines on the side, making the iPhone 5’s silhouette clearer. From the side, if you use drawings of the same size, you will probably only distinguish between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 12 through the protruding rear camera cluster or the shape of the volume buttons (iPhone 5 has round buttons. , 12 has long button).

Certainly, many people still remain in love with the design of the iPhone 5, which is also the final design of the small iPhone era. But even that sentiment cannot overshadow the fact that Apple seems to have run out of design ideas. iPhone 12 brings the first new design in 3 years, because the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 essentially share the same shell. If the design cycle remains the same at 3 years – like the iPhone X / XS / 11 or iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 before, the design of the iPhone 12 will also last until 2023 to be replaced.

Think about that. Over the next three years, iFan will have to enjoy a phone that can be seen as an improvement on an eight-year-old design. And the 8-year-old design that we have mentioned here is also the previous design that has been reused for 3 different phones: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone SE (2016).

Design disaster 2020 Android smartphones are the same and the iPhone is the old iPhone | Phone

Without a logo, are you sure this is the top of the table from two different brands?

If someone who is considered to represent “design” like Apple has so poor ideas, can Android manufacturers break through to set new standards? The answer is yes, but sadly, they’re designing … together.

For example, above you will see Huawei P40 and Samsung Galaxy S20. If we could erase each brand’s name on the back of the camera body and show this photo to the average user distinguishing which phone belonged to which brand, they would probably shake their heads. Both have beveled bodies slightly curved upwards. Both have a slightly reclining shell. And both have very large black camera clusters located on the left side.

For some reason, referring to Android 2020 smartphone is referring to the left black camera cluster: Galaxy Note20, Mi 10 Lite, Realme 7 Pro, Pixel 4A, Honor V30 Pro … And if not arrange the camera on a shape If the size is large, the manufacturers will arrange it vertically: Mi 10 Pro, Realme X50 Pro, OPPO Reno3 are typical examples. Again, take 2 of these smartphones, cover the brand name … You will not be able to recognize which brand of phones is.

Design disaster 2020 Android smartphones are the same and the iPhone is the old iPhone | Phone

Just last year, manufacturers even dared to pursue the “inaccessible” designs …

Design disaster 2020 Android smartphones are the same and the iPhone is the old iPhone | Phone

This year, the Android market is “brother” products that do not share the same bloodline.

You might think that the writer is being too strict when making this judgment. But to see the truth, we simply need to go back a year. Galaxy S10 sets the camera strip horizontally. The first generation OPPO Reno placed 3 cameras in the middle of the camera body following a rather innovative “back line”. Huawei Mate 30 has a camera cluster housed in a circular cluster. You will absolutely never confuse the design of these smartphones with each other.

Just a few months later, in 2020, Android smartphones suddenly “wearing uniforms”: the shell turns slightly, the body is beveled round on the sides, the black camera cluster on the left side has a rectangle or capsule shape … Accidentally, the ugly “honeycomb” camera cluster of the iPhone 11 is the reason for users to easily version Apple smartphones with Android smartphones. And then, this year, Apple combined that ugly camera cluster with a design that has been copied and modified since 2012.

Maybe it’s time to accept the sad truth: the creative era of (design) smartphones is over. If producers do not learn from each other, they can only learn from the past. If we don’t take into account folding smartphones or “winged” smartphones (LG Wing), it seems that the entire market does not have anything new to attract users anymore. From now on, we can only look forward to the “stir-fried” trail versions!

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