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Demons: A haunting evil based on cats

Up until now, the world of black magic and talismans remains a big mystery. There are several types of worm charms that are familiar to us such as Thien Linh Cai, Kuma-thong, cloth dolls; Some are quite new like the following: Demon.

This type of talisman comes from feudal Chinese culture, which means ghost cat. It has been used quite extensively as an extremely dangerous wormwood charm.

In order to create the Demonic Talisman, ancient witches and wizards would choose an old cat they adopted. They will be killed and covered with evil things to help evil spirits can reside on the body of dead cats. From there it is possible to use these cats as a kind of wormwood charm to harm people.

Demons A haunting evil based on cats | Khám phá

It is known that this is a very scary kind of charm, if it is directed at someone, he will experience the most fearful thing and slowly wither and die. This terrifying art was widely used in the Chinese feudal era, especially during the Sui Dynasty, under which the Empress Queen had used this kind of talisman.

Demons A haunting evil based on cats | Khám phá

It is said that when someone is covered with a Demon, the limbs will initially ache and slowly spread to their body and eventually their hearts will writhe painfully like being stung by a thousand needles. If he encountered this symptom, he would be devouring their internal organs, causing him to vomit blood and die soon.

In addition, besides physical pain, the ill person has to suffer tremendous mental attacks, they always live in an invisible fear, eat and sleep restless, “live without death”. .

Demons A haunting evil based on cats | Khám phá

Magical demons are not just for revenge, cursing opponents to death. It also has the ability to pray for money, fame and fortune for those who support this charm. But of course, like all wormwood, it needs adequate trade-offs.

If detected early, it is still possible to prevent the Demon’s Talisman. To solve this spell, people with high magic skills are required, using a mixture of licorice cord, castor, a bean pod, and a few cinnabar combined with some methods to solve the problem on the person with the ill.

Demons A haunting evil based on cats | Khám phá

Not only popular in China, Western countries also consider black cats as a dangerous animal. In the medieval documents of the witch, if the black cat was killed, its heart mixed with bird’s nest and cooked up would create an extremely powerful magical mixture.

Alternatively, before burying a cat, put a bean in its heart. Thus when the bean sprout will bring great evil power.

Demons A haunting evil based on cats | Khám phá

Therefore, in the East or the West, cats are always considered a creature standing between two worlds: the negative and the positive. Famous witches use cats as summoned beasts.

It is for this reason that Catholics believe that cats are an animal of the devil. In Europe, there has been mass black cat massacre because of these magical beliefs.

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