‘Demon King’ Zeros and the most coveted names before the summer of VCS


Dubbed the “Information Machine”, Palette is a rare type of Support player at VCS who has excellent tactical qualities without relying too much on personal skills. Because this type of player in VCS is very rare, as soon as the Palette is no longer on the payroll of GAM Esports, it is understandable that this guy is promoted by many teams both newly promoted and at VCS.

Palette is a support type of LMHT Vietnam

Besides, the fact that a big team like GAM Esports let Palette go was extremely unexpected and caused people to question huge ambitions of this team. If not there Zeros Kiaya is still there, Noway replaced Blazes as a gunner but who is good enough to replace the Palette?


Although disappearing for half the spring, when returning to Zeros is still an undeniable force in the top position of VCS. The “Maou” skill still seems to be superior to other Vietnamese toplanes, which makes people happy that the winner of this guy is probably only Kiaya. Not only VCS teams, even foreign teams want Zeros in the team.

 Demon King Zeros and the most coveted names before the summer of VCS | Esports

Though she was planning to take a break, who knew when Zeros would return

However, a very noticeable move in recent times is that Profit joined Team Flash has changed a lot of things. Maybe this guy doesn’t play directly, but the experience and instructions of a Korean player like Profit will make Team Flash’s toplane much stronger. So, what do the rest of the VCS team need to do to face the defending champion? It is best to buy a class player like Zeros to fight.


Different from the above teammates, Dia1 has not yet announced that he has left GAM Esports, but with the share of the former Tinikun coach, this fat guy may not be interested in the yellow-black shirt anymore. After a relatively long time playing at VCS, Dia1 has grown to become the No. 1 mid laner in Vietnam with the stability and stubbornness and a surprisingly wide pool of young players.

 Demon King Zeros and the most coveted names before the summer of VCS | Esports

It is hard to believe that Dia1, under 19 years old, has played so mature

Moreover, having a comprehensive player like Dia1 in the squad is the dream of every team because they have many approaches to approach the game, different tactics that this guy does well. Perhaps in the time before the summer VCS starts, Dia1 will receive many invitations from different teams and towards GAM Esports, the price to keep this gem is not low.

Yuna – Safety

Right from the time he transferred to coach, Mr. Yuna or Safety have always been highly appreciated in the professional aspect when sticking to LoL and Esports for a very long time. However, what people do not notice is that the coach is not only a pure professional, they are also a friend of the players to keep the atmosphere in the team always happy. When the spirit is comfortable, the competition can be sublime, G2 Esports has proven it.

 Demon King Zeros and the most coveted names before the summer of VCS | Esports

Yuna is probably the most sought after coach in the current VCS

And these are all things that Yuna owns, the players of GAM Esports say that he is extremely funny and always creates a positive atmosphere in the team. Doing professional work is also good but logistics is also good, Yuna is probably the coach that every team wants to own at the present time.

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