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Deleting Epic Games accounts is not enough, Apple also blocked Fortnite players’ ability to log in with Apple accounts

Along with the removal of the Epic Games developer account block, the “Sign in with Apple” login system will no longer work with Epic players from September 11. This new limitation is Apple’s next blow to the opponent before the legal battle of the two sides begins in court.

If you are using the “Sign in with Apple” feature for your Epic account, Epic will notify you of a re-update with new login information by September 11 to maintain access. Epic also makes a guide to make it easier for users to update information. Epic says they can also manually restore your account after the “Sign in with Apple” feature disappears, but you’ll have to contact Epic directly to do so.

The Sign in with Apple login system was introduced by the company a few years ago.

Apple requires developers to use an Apple account sign-in system if they offer other third-party sign-in options and wants their apps to be available on the App Store – now is the time for these requirements Apple shows its strength.

Epic has announced this upcoming change on its Twitter accounts, including Epic Games, Fortnite Status and Unreal Engine 5 accounts, and the breadth of the announcement suggests. How much is the Apple account login system used in Epic’s system – not just with Fortnite, but also for logging into the Epic Games Store, accessing Epic developer accounts and more more.

Another thing to note is that Fortnite, despite being played on many different platforms, is the most popular game on iOS. In the legal filing posted by Epic last week, the company says it has 116 million registered users on iOS, accounting for nearly a third of the 350 million registered Fortnite users. Even if only a small number of these are using the “Sign in with Apple” system and do not change their login information in time, the number of users affected is also huge.

It can be seen, although the trial of Epic’s lawsuit with Apple has not yet started and is expected to last for many more months, Apple is continuously launching “poison” attacks to quickly defeat the opponent. mine. Perhaps Apple wants Epic to soon descend the tension ladder and will have to renegotiate with itself before starting to hear the case in court.

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