Deft ‘self-destruct’, hands up the victory for T1 on the 7th anniversary of the debut of the professional League of Legends arena

The confrontation between the two teams is in the highest form at LCK Spring 2020: T1 and DragonX has taken place in an extremely dramatic and equally surprising direction.

In game 1 of the match, T1 decided to play “muddy” when choosing a very trendy team based on meta, with Midnn Ornn, Top Soraka and Support Morgana teaming up with Olaf and Miss Fortune. This “easy-to-play” winning team immediately became effective, helping T1 create an extremely safe advantage and then defeat DragonX overwhelmingly in the first game.

In game 2, it was DRX’s turn to respond, Chovy shone brightly with Ekko Mid lane card, equalizing the score 1-1 and forcing the match to be decided by game 3.

This last game is also the time when the match scenario is pushed to the climax. T1 had a very aggressive forest invasion, Cuzz’s Nidalee lay down and lost the early game clearing advantage of this general.

As a result, DRX soon gained an advantage in the road areas, constantly taking the lead in gold and cylinder index, while T1 only knew how to support itself. However, Deft’s destructive Baron was ruined everything. It is hard to believe that a veteran gunner like Deft has a treatment like … Crabs, when pressing Speed ​​to enter Baron cave, losing this important auxiliary magic in a rather ungainly way, and most disastrous than is Deft’s action right in the sight of T1.

Deft self destruct hands up the victory for T1 on the 7th anniversary of the debut of the professional League of Legends arena | Esports

Then when T1 entered the fight, this Gunner no longer had a tool to flee, although DRX ate Baron but had to leave 4 kills, and T1 with the advantage of the person who organized the fight continuously, the team DRX players took turns taking turns counting the tables, and at the same time losing this game.

In the end, T1 punished Deft’s mistake thoroughly and brought the final victory over DragonX 2-1. It’s even more regrettable that today is the 7th anniversary of the DragonX captain’s professional arena debut, and he made a sad impression on his own. Losing this match, DragonX is also officially “shutdown” after 4 wins, and the top race of the LCK Spring Split 2020 is becoming more unpredictable than ever.

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