Decoding the super rare ‘demon tiger’ mystery in India: There are only 8 children in the world!

Tigers are probably not very strange carnivores to us, they are considered ‘king of the forest’ and always make animals fear. However, have you ever heard of a terrifying name: ‘Devil tiger’?

Extremely rare black tiger images are taken in India

These are extremely rare tigers with orange-black fur that have just been discovered in India by an amateur photographer. Individuals ‘demon tiger’ With a name that seems to only exist in legends or fairy tales, it completely exists in real life.

The tiger below is 1 of 7 to 8 super rare black tigers in the world and Soumen Bajpayee (27 years old) – a technology teacher from Kolkata, West Bengal and a professional photographer. Surely the person who was lucky enough to take these pictures of the tiger.

Photo taken behind a black tiger. Photo: Soumen Bajpayee

Soumen said he felt very well ‘lucky’ and ‘grateful’ for being a person who had the opportunity to see a rare black tiger directly while using a camera to take pictures of monkeys and tigers in the Nandankan sanctuary in the eastern state of Odisha, India.

I said: ‘I felt very surprised and fortunate to see this tiger. At that time, I didn’t have any concept of a black-melan tiger, it suddenly appeared from the forest and stood there for a few seconds before leisurely walking back into the forest. ‘

Decoding the super rare demon tiger mystery in India There are only 8 children in the world | Explore

Black tigers are extremely rare. Photo: Soumen Bajpayee

He also said that before, in the Nandankan sanctuary, two tigers had black fur as well. However, to be able to take impressive photos of them is not easy.

Soumen himself was also very confused and did not believe his eyes after taking the above photos: ‘I feel incredibly fortunate to see even though it only happened for a few seconds’.

So what kind of tigers are black tigers that are so rare?

These are tigers melanin black melanin (Melanism) is caused by increased growth of the pigment melanin – also known as melanin, which darkens the skin or hair. This is a syndrome in contrast to leukoplakia – hypopigmentation (it should not be confused with vitiligo).

Therefore, the black tiger is not a separate species of tiger, but in fact just a common species of orange tigers but suffers from melanoma. These individuals are born with thick black stripes covering the lower orange fur.

Decoding the super rare demon tiger mystery in India There are only 8 children in the world | Explore

Black tiger is in danger of extinction. Photo: AllIndiaRoundup

Black-haired individuals are involved in an adaptation process known as genetic adaptation through selective orientation, and those with dark coat color become stronger to survive and reproduce in the environment. of them due to their skill in camouflage.

They can be mixed in the dark, under dark waters, and this is extremely beneficial for nocturnal predators (such as black leopards). In fact, black tigers are also extremely ferocious tigers that Indians have to compare them to ‘demon tiger’.

India is home to tigers (accounting for 70% of the number of tigers on Earth), so black tigers are also easily found in this country, but also because of the rarity of the distinctive coat color. They are threatened to extinction by illegal tiger hunters.

Decoding the super rare demon tiger mystery in India There are only 8 children in the world | Explore

Chickens and wolves suffer from melanoma. Photo: Youtube

A 2018 report has the name Tiger Census Report has shown a severe decline of black tiger individuals in the state of Odisha, India. This is the state there is Simplipal Tiger Reserve – is home to the most living black tigers.

The first black tiger was discovered in 2007 in this reserve. Dr. Bivash Pandav, an expert at the Indian Institute of Wildlife, told the Times of India magazine that the number of black tiger species in the world today is only about 7 to 8 individuals.

‘These are unique individuals because they possess a very special genome. These thick black streaks may be the result of inbreeding ‘.

In addition to black tigers, many other animals such as leopards, cats, wolves, squirrels, chickens … also often appear infected individuals.

The extremely rare species of tigers (after only black tigers) are black striped tigers (also known as ‘golden tigers’) with about 30 surviving tigers. compared to the ‘golden’ golden tiger).

The article is translated from the sources: Thesun, Dailymail, Ladbible

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