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Decoding AMD Advantage: The new standard for gaming laptops

So what is AMD Advantage? What requirements do laptop models need to meet to meet AMD Advantage standards? Let’s find out in this article.

What is AMD Advantage?

In short, AMD Advantage is a quality standard set by AMD for laptops using its hardware.

An AMD Advantage standard laptop model needs:

– Equipped with AMD hardware: AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Series processor + AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series GPU ensure a gaming experience beyond 100fps.

– High-end monitors with FreeSync™ Premium support: 144Hz refresh rate for FHD resolution, 300 nit brightness and under 3ms response speed, minimum 100% sRGB or 72% NTSC color coverage.

– Cool operation: The maximum palm rest surface temperature is only 40°C, the maximum bottom surface is only 52°C.

– Long battery life: More than 10 hours of continuous video playback, support fast charging.

In addition, must have at least 512GB NVMe SSD providing fast boot speed, at least 8GB of RAM, DDR4 3200 RAM or higher, support for Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad.

So gamers as well as users in the field of graphics and creativity will benefit from this rigorous set of standards?

Exceptional performance, long battery life with AMD hardware

The AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Series processor itself and the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series GPU both possess desirable hardware specs that deliver powerful performance. Taken together, the gaming experience is even improved by more than 15% thanks to a range of exclusive smart technologies including:

– AMD Smart Access Memory: Allows the CPU full direct access to the vRAM memory in the GPU, the data will not need to go through the system RAM. As a result, data exchange between CPU and GPU is more efficient which increases overall performance.

– AMD SmartShift: Power capacity and heat dissipation are two factors that create many performance limits for laptops. AMD SmartShift is born to break that limit by intelligently auto-optimizing to increase CPU or GPU performance depending on the task used. When playing games, power will be prioritized to the GPU for beautiful graphics, higher frames. When handling graphics and rendering jobs, the CPU will be prioritized for smooth processing, saving time.

Decoding AMD Advantage The new standard for gaming laptops | Number toys

These two features at the same time also help save energy significantly. Combined with the fact that AMD’s processors and graphics cards are all manufactured on the advanced 7nm process, the battery life of AMD Advantage standard gaming PCs is impressive.

Elevate your gaming and graphics experience with a new monitor standard

AMD Advantage requires the laptop to be equipped with a monitor with the following specifications:

– Full HD resolution with minimum refresh rate 144Hz, minimum 2K resolution 120Hz and minimum 4K 75Hz.

– IPS or OLED panels

– Brightness from 300 nit

– Fast response speed (less than or equal to 3ms)

– 100% sRGB or 72% NTSC . color coverage

In which the high refresh rate and super-fast response speed provide an outstandingly smooth experience, especially important for first-person shooter titles.

Decoding AMD Advantage The new standard for gaming laptops | Number toys

The remaining parameters such as the panel, resolution, high brightness and color will bring sharp, brilliant images, clearly displayed in any environment. Graphics creators can also use AMD Advantage certified laptops with confidence thanks to their premium display quality and exceptional performance.

Hardware optimization for gaming

A laptop model is recognized as having optimal hardware for gaming when:

– Equipped with NVMe SSD for super fast boot and game loading speed

– Efficient heat dissipation with a maximum palm rest surface temperature of only 40°C, a maximum bottom surface of only 52°C.

Decoding AMD Advantage The new standard for gaming laptops | Number toys

With this standard, AMD Advantage standard laptops will be super fast in all aspects (processing speed, screen and hard drive speed). At the same time, the performance is maintained stably for a long time thanks to the strict requirements of temperature.


If you can’t remember all of the above, just remember that an AMD Advantage certified laptop will give you:

– Gaming experience over 100fps at 1080p

– Low latency display with frequencies above 144Hz

– Up to 3x faster game boot and load times thanks to NVMe SSD

– Great battery life with over 10 hours of video playback

Decoding AMD Advantage The new standard for gaming laptops | Number toys

Currently, computer manufacturers have combined with AMD to introduce many AMD Advantage standard laptops at extremely affordable prices, promising to land in the Vietnamese market in the near future.

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