Decipher the secret to ‘hacking’ SofM’s vision: Creative but full of risks

In game 3 between Suning and LNG Esports recently, SofM’s Kha’zix achieved a vision score of nearly 300, a terrible number for a jungler. With its superior control ability, SofM helped SN win 2-1 against LNG. So what is the reason for SofM to achieve such a high visibility rate? This article will explore and demonstrate what helped Duy Cau Giay achieve a vision score that surpasses all other players.

SofM’s vision score is 297 after the end of the match

About the right champion

Decipher the secret to hacking SofM s vision Creative but full of risks | GameK

Decipher the secret to hacking SofM s vision Creative but full of risks | GameK

If you have been a fan of SofM for a long time, all will not be unfamiliar with this terrorist “hacking vision” way. One of SofM’s impressive matches with this style of play was at the Ranked playground about a month ago. In this match SofM used the general Kindred, after nearly 30 minutes the match ended with a vision score of up to 82 points, an extremely impressive number in the context of a single ranked match – Where vision control are not given the same priority as professional competition.

About how to build equipment and runes

Decipher the secret to hacking SofM s vision Creative but full of risks | GameK

To answer the question, why is SofM able to achieve so many visibility points? In addition to the quality of the champion, the entrance to Equipment and the Assistant Board also plays a very important role. As for equipment, the Dark Sword is always an immutable item that the Vietnamese Forest God chooses to maximize eye control. In addition to the reason, this is the most suitable item for Assassin champions due to the addition of Lethality and Cooldown Reduction, there is another important reason. That is the only passive that Dark Sword brings: It is the ability to detect and destroy wards within 8 seconds (45 second cooldown). Not stopping there, owning more Oracle Scanner has turned every SofM champion in the jungle into a mobile purple eye.

Decipher the secret to hacking SofM s vision Creative but full of risks | GameK

Regarding the Helper Table, in the SofM sub-branch, there is always a selection of Zombie Eye points to support eye control. More specifically about the passive of the Zombie Eye, when destroying the enemy’s eye will summon an ally’s eye at that location. Possessing the Shadow Sword combined with the Zombie Eye helps SofM increase vision by 2 points each time an enemy eye is destroyed, not including the Scanner. Because of that, the player born in 1998 easily took on the control job with “productivity” equal to 1-2 teammates combined. For example, in the 3-game game between SN and LNG, when SofM almost lit up the whole forest with 2x more vision points than enemy Support. However, wandering to destroy the opponent’s eyes to increase control for your team is also risky. Therefore, SofM’s gameplay and movement are also worth noting and analyzing.

About the gameplay

Decipher the secret to hacking SofM s vision Creative but full of risks | GameK

This is a control-oriented style of play and will often be effective in the mid and late game. This period is often used by two teams to split the squad to control big targets like turrets, dragons or Baron. The big goal will be an opportunity to help one of the two teams increase their strength quickly towards the end of the game to end the game.

Again, let’s take the example in the match between SN and LNG for more accurate and objective assessments. At the beginning of the game, SofM accepted the enemy jungle to focus on finishing the Dark Sword equipment early and quickly reaching Level 11. The reason was because Kha’zix completed the skill evolution after completing the evolution. W will create a significant impact in combat when continuously slowing the enemy by 90%. After completing the Dark Sword and combining with the Zombie eye, this is when SofM’s vision points increase dramatically. Not only in terms of numbers, but the visibility of the entire SN team has also improved. This is clearly the premise for the SN team to eat Dragon 4, remove the knot to end the 50-minute game.

If you look more closely in the match, SofM is always sent alone on one wing, taking on the role of troublemaker or simply stepping up to break the eye to catch important moves of the opponent. But this means that, when stepping too high, just making one basic mistake can change the game. Therefore, the Assassin generals will meet this task well when the generals are mobile and easily get out of the fight.

About the weak point

Simply put, the strength of this style of play is the ability to control the goal, maintain the tempo of the game. Suitable for squads that increase their strength slowly or want to pull back to the late game. Because this is the time, controlling the goal and keeping the position of the whole team is extremely important. Avoid rearguards due to lack of vision or being robbed of big buffs.

However, this play of SofM still has some obvious weaknesses. Firstly, it is forced to sacrifice personal interests for the collective collective. Even though you’re in the jungle, you seem to take on more control of the support. You will not be able to rush into combat to get kills or to catch odd. Because, when you lie down, it means that the opponent will completely control the big goals and dominate the game.

Second, you are forced to constantly move especially around large targets to limit the enemy’s eyes as much as possible. But this means that you must always be careful if you do not want to lie down too much and at worst lose the goal. Finally, this is a game that forces you to actively stand tall not only to control vision, especially in the enemy’s jungle, but also to play the role of prey. So forcing you to always keep a cool head and stay alert in all situations is extremely important.

Decipher the secret to hacking SofM s vision Creative but full of risks | GameK

It is not difficult to find a few situations where SofM manually “squeezes the team” because of this “like balancing on a rope” movement. The best example can be mentioned in the recent FPX loss, Doinb – An old player with a brain that is… equally big, extremely familiar with SofM’s style when climbing ranks together, proved to be very decisive in calling his teammates to attack in situations where SofM moves “excessively”.

Obviously, any playstyle has its weak points, but after all, SofM’s control is still the optimal solution for SN right now, when they have lost SwordArt and don’t have much experience to play with. deal with teams that possess the ability to impose a good position.

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