Decipher the mystery of the scary sound coming from the Golden Gate Bridge in the USA

Golden Gate or Golden Gate Bridge is a 2,737 meter long suspension bridge in San Francisco, California, USA. This is a favorite tourist attraction and often appears in Hollywood movies. However, recently, there have been many reports that this bridge is emitting strange sounds.

Someone said the sound came from the bridge as if someone was playing some kind of instrument, and they were even loud enough for you to hear clearly while driving over the bridge. This is a video recorded on June 5.

Scary sounds from the Golden Gate Bridge in America.

A day later, on June 6, the strange sound emanating from the Golden Gate Bridge began to be heard in a wide area around it. Mr. Alberto Martinez, from San Francisco, said he heard the sound for about an hour. Mark Kruger, who visited the Golden Gate Bridge that day, even said: “I have an earache and the sound is too loud to bear.”.

Other reports suggest the sound of the bridge can be heard even from a distance, up to 5 km away.

The sound comes from the Golden Gate Bridge

The engineers responsible for maintaining the bridge immediately began to investigate. And the end result turned out to be full of surprises.

The strange sound emanating from the Golden Gate Bridge is due to the railing on the sidewalk of this recently renovated bridge. Due to the reclamation of the railing, strong winds blowing from the west to the east of the strait a mile (about 1.6 km) connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean made the aforementioned sounds.

“The Golden Gate Bridge has begun to sing. New music tunes coming from the bridge are a known and unavoidable phenomenon, stemming from a renovation project to combat strong winds on the bridge.”, Said Paolo Koslich Schwarz, a spokesman for the Golden Gate Bridge. “The renovation project aims to make the bridge less affected by high winds and it is necessary to ensure the safety of the bridge in the future.”

As such, this is part of the design process and people around the bridge area will have to accept living with it in the future.

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