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Decipher the mystery: How interesting is the ‘pleasure’ story of snakes? (P.2)

In previous post, we have come across some extremely strange characteristics revolved around the “pleasure” of snake already. So in today’s lesson, let’s find out about the remaining information offline.

4. Children love to master love

Clearly, there are two relatively basic facts. That’s the proportion of males is relatively different, and females are bigger than males, somewhat stronger than males. Perhaps that is why it is the female who has the right to control the love, not the male snake?

The female is always the one who decides to choose her partner, regardless of what the stubborn male does. If the female agrees, it will “open the hole” for the male to mate. At the same time, the ability to tighten the genitals to control mating time also causes some males to be in pain and forced to stop. At such times, the male does not pass which means being “chased” for unqualified, and must give way to other opponents.

5. Is the gizzard dead?

Like spiders, mating predation also occurs in some snakes. An example of this is the Anaconda. With a size longer than the male python 4 times, Anaconda easily swallowed mates in a blink of an eye.

Decipher the mystery How interesting is the pleasure story of snakes P 2 | Khám phá

Although it is not clear, scientists believe that this action also helps children to increase nutrition during the time it is pregnant. Although it is true that they do not always chew their partner’s head, escaping immediately after the game is over should still be a better option for the males.

6. Loyalty and true love?

We all know that the male snake’s genitals – semi-penis – can help them easily transfer their mating object to another snake. But life is not like dreams. According to many studies, some snakes (of course, male snakes) tend to stick with only one partner in a mating, because they will have very little physical strength left to serve. 2nd love.

Decipher the mystery How interesting is the pleasure story of snakes P 2 | Khám phá

The reason is: They spend a lot of energy to find mates, accompanied by the fact that they are often mesmerized by the large sized females. Basically, although they can choose smaller females, if they have been paying attention to the larger females from before then they will pursue it to the end, even if they have to “wait in line” “it is my turn. But of course, things are not that simple, because …

7. The first male is ready to “play dirty”.

Absolutely. For snakes, mating is not just about maintaining the species, but also about the journey of elimination and struggle for their descendants to be born. This means that the male snake is ready to cheat to be able to prevent the male who is waiting “waiting in line” in the next turn.

Decipher the mystery How interesting is the pleasure story of snakes P 2 | Khám phá

So how will they play games? In garter snakes, they possess a relatively simple technique called “virginity glue”. Basically, they release a gelatine gel that acts as a sealer on the female’s genitals after mating, and as such, the male in the next turn will be unable to mate because there is no space left. to put a penis in there. Besides, there are also many male snakes that are willing to release a much bigger amount of virgin gel than the sperm they release at the female.

Although it is not always 100% successful, because they can fall out.

Not stopping there, the males have even more bizarre tactics. Instead of launching a block, they will release a slowly growing amount of … sperm inside. And so, they can easily launch awkwardly without the female knowing, while they still have the ratio to become … the only (or last) mate of that snake. In this way, the sperm of that male snake will have the highest fertilization rate, and they will become the winner.

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