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Decipher the mysterious Japanese sword 3.7m long, weighing nearly 15kg, once suspected to be a weapon of the giant

The long sword is one of the weapons that appeared during the Japanese War. However, the giant Norimitsu Odachi can be considered a “monster” among the legendary swords. It was forged about the 15th century AD, nearly 4 meters long and weighs nearly 15 kg.

History of Odachi

The Japanese are revered around the world for their exquisite swordsmanship. Today, Katana is the most famous Japanese sword due to its close association with the image of samurai. However, many other unique swords were invented, though they were not popular in later periods. One of them is the Odachi long sword school.

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Odachi’s blades are usually about 100 cm long, some are noted to have nearly 2m long blades. Ancient Japanese were of modest height, so a long sword over 100 cm long could also be listed as a long-range weapon. Odachi is often used for a variety of purposes, either for horsemen sitting on horseback, or for infantry units against enemy cavalry.

In fact, Odachi was a favored weapon on the Japanese battlefield during the Nanboku period. However, their length may cause certain difficulties for warriors. The sword is usually left in its sheath to prevent rust and damage, and Odachi is no exception.

But at many moments on the battlefield, fighters will feel uncomfortable because Odachi has a too long tongue, making it difficult to draw the sword from the scabbard. It was the improvement of weapons that later became part of the reason for the Tokugawa Shogunate’s dominance during the Japanese War. Odachi was gradually replaced by more convenient weapons.

Decipher the mysterious Japanese sword 3 7m long weighing nearly 15kg once suspected to be a weapon of the giant | Khám phá

Among the Odachi, the Norimitsu Odachi is more intriguing because of its enormous size

Norimitsu Odachi is an abnormal sword

Other than ritual swords, Odachi is a sword made primarily for combat purposes. Because of that, the huge sword Norimitsu Odachi, which is up to 4 meters long and weighs nearly 15 kg, has raised questions about who is its owner? When looking at Norimitsu Odachi, many people surely think that this sword has been forged for a giant warrior.

Some ancient Japanese scriptures have mentioned giant boxers that use the Odachi long swords that fit their size. This number of ‘huge’ people is unique, but it is described quite authentically. If a person has a height of 2m or more with terrible muscular strength, he can completely use a 4m long sword. Effects of psychological threat to enemies and the sweeping power of the match This case is probably not to be discussed in an age of close combat.

Decipher the mysterious Japanese sword 3 7m long weighing nearly 15kg once suspected to be a weapon of the giant | Khám phá

Boxers with exceptionally large looks can wield a sword commensurate with them.

Other theories

One thing that researchers agree on is the value of the Norimitsu Odachi. A sword with a blade up to 4 meters long and weighing 15 kg is actually very difficult to manufacture. In addition to the amount of iron used for casting, the blacksmith must also be very skilled. The owner of the sword forging should at least be a wealthy man to afford the cost of material investment and hire a good sword casting artist.

If it were not for the sake of casting a sword for a giant warrior to use, there would be a number of other theories made based on the value of Norimitsu Odachi.

Decipher the mysterious Japanese sword 3 7m long weighing nearly 15kg once suspected to be a weapon of the giant | Khám phá

The maintenance of the Norimitsu Odachi’s valuable sword.

First, Norimitsu Odachi can be considered as a war treasure, cast for the purpose of symbolizing victory for an army that values ​​combat power. On every occasion before the army starts, a giant sword will be carried in front of the three soldiers to cheer the weapons.

The next hypothesis, Norimitsu Odachi is a product won … first prize in a sword competition. The warlords held a contest and chose the sword that impressed them the most. After awarding and honoring the winning craftsman, the sword will be placed in Shinto shrines as a gift to the gods. Because forging a long and heavy blade was particularly difficult, the forging master decided to cast Norimitsu Odachi to prove his ability.

Decipher the mysterious Japanese sword 3 7m long weighing nearly 15kg once suspected to be a weapon of the giant | Khám phá

Norimitsu Odachi is clearly a masterpiece of ancient Japanese swordsmiths.

The third hypothesis concerns the similarities in some ancient Japanese stories. Including mention of a land threatened by foreign invaders. Knowing it was impossible to fight the enemy, a macho hero came up with the idea of ​​casting a giant sword.

The sword is then placed in a place where the enemy can see it, making them doubt about who will use this sword? Finally, due to the doubt that the land had giant warriors, the enemy was afraid to retreat and did not dare to return. Norimitsu Odachi has become their obsessive threat.


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