Decipher the contract between Ant-Man and the evil Kang in the blockbuster Quantumania

Ant-Man Scott Lang will reappear on the big screen through the blockbuster Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania, which is slated to release on February 17. This is also the opening film for the 5th phase of the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU), and will also officially bring the next big villain to the silver screen – Kang the Conqueror (Kang Conqueror).

Through the published trailers, in this movie, Scott and his family will accidentally get caught up in the quantum world and get stuck here. Welcoming Scott in that strange world is Kang the Conqueror, the villain with the ability to travel between timelines in the Marvel multiverse. The Ant-Man made a deal with this villain in the hope of being able to “regain what was lost”.

Published trailers show that Kang will help Ant-Man regain what was lost in this superhero’s life – Photo: Marvel Studios.

So what is that deal, and why did Scott Lang accept to cooperate with Kang, despite Janet van Dyne’s objections like what happened in the trailers of Kang? Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania?

What offer did Kang make to convince Ant-Man to help him?

Since then Avengers: Endgame Released, Marvel Studios has not really had the opportunity to delve deeply into Scott Lang’s emotions and life under the impact of Thanos’ Infinity Snap. All fans know is that the crazy Titan’s actions have had a huge, very negative effect on the Ant-Man’s life.

When the infinity snap happened, Scott was traveling in the quantum world and accidentally got stuck in this place. Although he felt that he had only stayed in the quantum world for about 5 seconds, in reality, Scott had wasted 5 years of his life. That means that when he returned, Cassandra “Cassie” Lang had become a teenager, and Scott had missed out on much of the growing up of the daughter he loved so dearly.

Decipher the contract between Ant Man and the evil Kang in the blockbuster Quantumania | Living

Scott Lang has missed 5 years in the growth of his daughter Cassie Lang – Photo: Marvel Studios.

This is one of the things that always makes the Ant-Man feel regret and torment, even though he still proves himself to be an optimist, loving life. The close relationship between father and son Scott has been portrayed very clearly by Marvel Studios in the previous two Ant-Man films. Therefore, missing 5 years in Cassie’s life is a huge blow to Scott, also a fatal weakness that Kang will exploit in the blockbuster. Quantumania.

In the released trailers, Kang once shared that he and Scott both “waste precious time” and maybe “help each other to solve that problem“. The villain promises that he can help Ant-Man regain, or gain more, time, but doesn’t reveal how he makes the seemingly impossible happen. Scott himself believes that Kang has the ability for him.”second chance” to remake her life, or at least to be present in Cassie’s growing up.

The trailers also bring many emotional moments between father and son Scott, shown through Ant-Man’s sad, regretful eyes, especially when he bails for Cassie. That has partly shown that in the 5 years Scott was stuck in the quantum world, his daughter went through a lot of difficulties and even got into legal troubles. These details made Scott feel even more guilty and easily agreed to Kang’s offer to get it “second chance” for myself.

In short, it’s more likely that Kang promised to help Scott get back the 5 years he lost before and bring him back to the time before Thanos’ snap happened.

Time travel can’t solve Scott Lang’s problems

Decipher the contract between Ant Man and the evil Kang in the blockbuster Quantumania | Living

Kang can bring Scott Lang back to the past to regain what was lost, but that cannot solve the root of the loss that Ant Man has experienced – Photo: Marvel Studios.

With a seasoned veteran of time travel like Kang, it is theoretically possible for him to send Ant-Man back to the past to avoid the incident of being trapped in the quantum world and enjoy the 5 years lost inside. my daughter. However, previous MCU movies have shown that this method cannot solve Scott’s problem at the root.

In the MCU, changes in the past have no impact on reality, but will spawn a new timeline, with a new future. Meanwhile, things in the old reality will remain the same. Also, if Scott Lang wasn’t trapped in the quantum realm and was accidentally freed by a rat in Avengers: Endgame, he won’t be able to help the Avengers figure out how to reverse Thanos’ Infinity Snap. In other words, this option will cause so much trouble and contradiction in the MCU that it will probably be difficult for Marvel Studios to untangle in future projects.

Decipher the contract between Ant Man and the evil Kang in the blockbuster Quantumania | Living

According to the time travel theory in the MCU, changes in the past will not be able to change the future – Photo: Marvel Studios.

Besides, even if he avoids being trapped in the quantum realm, there’s no guarantee that Scott Lang is among the lucky ones to avoid Thanos’ infinity snap. And if the color fades after that snap, he will still disappear for 5 years and not be able to witness the growth of Cassie Lang.

In short, time travel and change the past is a method with too many risks, can cause a lot of disturbances and fluctuations in the Marvel timeline and the multiverse. Similar to He Who Remains, Kang is someone who understands this very well.

Kang can bring Scott Lang to another reality

Decipher the contract between Ant Man and the evil Kang in the blockbuster Quantumania | Living

Scott can also be sent to another timeline to enjoy a peaceful life with another version of Cassie and Hope – Photo: Marvel Studios.

The only thing that can give Scott a “second chance” is to be sent to another timeline in the Marvel multiverse thanks to Kang’s power. Loki shows that variants of this villain have accidentally created many different realities during the exploration of the multiverse. That is also part of the reason why He Who Remains founded the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to be able to erase all branching timelines and keep only a single timeline called Sacred Timeline. .

Now that He Who Remains has been slain by Sylvie, no one can stop Kang and his other variants from exploiting the time ramifications of the Marvel multiverse. That’s why he was able to transport Scott to a reality other than Earth-616, where he could enjoy a more fulfilling life with Cassie and Hope.

Of course, this is by no means a perfect method. It only fills Scott’s feelings and does not have any impact on other characters in Earth-616, the main universe of the MCU. The Ant-Man will be transported to another reality, living alongside other versions of Cassie or Hope. However, it cannot be ruled out that it was just a trick of Kang to trick Scott into believing that he could comfortably live in another timeline without causing any consequences or disturbances in the multiverse. pillar.

No matter what Kang promises, Scott’s wishes will never come true

Decipher the contract between Ant Man and the evil Kang in the blockbuster Quantumania | Living

Will Kang break his promise to Scott Lang in Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania? – Photo: Marvel Studios.

The trailers of Ant-Man & the Waps: Quantumania mentioned a lot about the contract between Kang the Conqueror and Scott Lang, including that it would never be fulfilled. According to some scenes, Kang will “turn the bet” halfway and betray Scott, which means that the Ant-Man will never get what he wants.

The question now is whether Kang can trick Scott and get what he wants? After realizing Kang’s true nature, the Ant-Man decided to sacrifice his own aspirations to stop his plot – most likely escaping the quantum realm. Lines “We don’t have to win, as long as we both lose” has become one of the most prominent details in the trailers of Quantumania. It serves as an indirect confirmation that Scott will never get back the 5 years he lost, no matter what Kang promises.

Currently, it is difficult to say for sure what Kang is plotting and planning for Scott and the Marvel multiverse. However, the audience will have the answermost clearly and convincingly when Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania Releases in theaters on February 17.

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