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DDR5 RAM specifications are revealed: max speed up to 8400MHz, starting production in 2020

SK Hynix, one of the leading companies specialized in manufacturing transistors in Korea, has just posted an updated blog about the progress of DDR5 RAM – the new RAM standard they have jointly developed with JEDEC. Accordingly, DDR5 RAM will have speeds from 3200MHz to 8400MHz depending on the manufacturer. The first DDR5 RAM modules will have a speed of 4800MHz and then gradually move up. The minimum density of a DDR5 die is 8Gb and a maximum of 64Gb, which is 4 times that of a DDR4 die.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes, besides improving capacity and speed, is that it supports Error-Correcting Code (ECC). Now, this feature will not only be limited to special die (such as DDR4), it will also be integrated into each DDR5 die. The memory chip of DDR5 uses 32 banks, divided into 8 groups, maximizing RAM bandwidth.

DDR5 RAM specifications are revealed max speed up to 8400MHz starting production in 2020 | Gaming Gear

Burst Length of DDR5 is 16, double that of DDR4, so the data access will be more optimized. Operating Voltage is also reduced to 1.1V, which saves power 20% compared to 1.2V for DDR4. It is known that SK-Hynix DDR5 chip will be put into mass production in 2020, but the exact time has not been disclosed.

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