DC superheroes hate their own abilities

There are many superheroes, like Superman or Wonder Woman, possessing a series of extraordinary abilities far beyond the limits of humans and still possessing an undistorted appearance, even being very good looking. However, many other characters like Cyborg or members of Doom Patrol are not so lucky. Some of them are even willing to discard their powers for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because the price they pay to become a superhero is too high, sometimes it’s because their abilities are classified as “monstrous” to the rest of the world.

Here are some typical characters who hate their own abilities in the vast DC universe.

Detective Chimp

Bobo T. Chimpanzee, aka Detective Chimp, is the clearest example of how sometimes ignorance is a rare blessing. Born a common chimpanzee, Bobo attained human-level intelligence after coming into contact with the Fountain of Youth. No longer interested in the life of an animal in the circus, it began to travel around the world, infiltrating the lives of humanity and establishing its own private detective agency.

Despite the relatively smooth start-up (who wouldn’t love a chimp that talks and dresses like Sherlock Holmes), Bobo begins to realize the complexity of the human world after being repeatedly pressed by customers price, “burst” money. In addition, because it is not a real person, it is constantly suppressed by the courts and trial units and makes it difficult to work.

Bobo’s intelligence has gone far beyond the animal kingdom, making it impossible for it to reintegrate with its own kind. However, it is not recognized or holds citizenship under the laws of any country (except Gorilla City). Gradually, it hates almost all of humanity and considers its intelligence to be an obnoxious curse. However, Bobo’s nature has always been a hero with a noble heart, often present in hot spots to confront the dark forces or evil demigods. Besides, when not working, he often hangs out at the Oblivion Bar, which is reserved for magic users.


DC superheroes hate their own abilities | Living

Once a brilliant super player at university, Victor Stone’s life and future changed completely after a catastrophic accident destroyed his body and caused him to face death. At this time, Silas Stone, Victor’s super-scientific father decided to revive him with the alien technology he was researching. As a result, Victor is saved, but has to exist as a half-human half-machine, with the machine taking up more. The relationship between the father and son, which was not close, became even more distant because Victor could not accept his new body.

However, in addition to keeping Victor’s life, alien technology also helps him to possess super powers related to computers and machines. It took many years for Victor to discover the true limit of his power. But the time when he accepted the new half-human-half-machine was much longer. The public viewed him as something terrible, even his friend (later girlfriend) admitted that he would rather die in an accident than live like this.

Through self-doubt and criticism from those around him, Cyborg became stronger, becoming a member of the Justice League and the trainer for the next generation of Teen Titans. No matter how the opponent tries to destroy him, Cyborg always rises and wins.


DC superheroes hate their own abilities | Living

Another member of the Teen Titans who also particularly hates her own powers is Raven, with a very good reason. The daughter of the demon king Trigon, Raven was conceived with the help of a dark cult with the ambition to bring about the apocalypse. Even though Raven was protected by her mother’s best efforts from the villains from the underworld, Trigon’s strength and willpower were overwhelming. In the end, he used his daughter to open the portal to Earth. With the help of the Teen Titans, Raven finally pushes her father back into the dark dimension. Even so, his influence on her remained unchanged for a long time afterward.

Although Raven’s dark magic is incredibly powerful, she must maintain a constant state of concentration to prevent it from controlling her back. Common emotions such as anger and fear can both immerse Raven in Trigon’s influence.

Raven’s power has repeatedly saved the world from destruction, but also threatened the safety of humanity many times, especially when she gave in to her own dark actions. Raven often struggles with negative thoughts about her own existence, and sometimes thinks the Earth would be safer if she had never been born.

The Doom Patrol

DC superheroes hate their own abilities | Living

Before Marvel’s X-Men were born, DC also owned a forgotten superhero team called Doom Patrol, led by a genius in a wheelchair – Dr. Niles Caulder. This squad is a collection of individuals who were once shunned by society because of their monstrous powers that they received through terrible physical or mental trauma.

However, unlike Charles Xavier’s kindness to the X-Men, Caulder rarely showed any concern for his teammates, sometimes manipulating them or provoking them to cause discord and disagreements. necessary. In the end, DC revealed that it was Caulder who caused the “accidents” that caused the members of Doom Patrol to possess superpowers that they did not want.

For example, pilot Larry Trainor, after being exposed to a radioactive energy field in the upper atmosphere, has the ability to release a mysterious and powerful energy source called Negative Spirit. However, his body would be severely damaged if this energy was released for too long. In addition, Trainor always has to wrap a special bandage to prevent radiation in the body from affecting those around.

Or Cliff Steele, a great racing driver who unfortunately died in an accident, also became a victim of Caulder. He implanted Steele’s brain into a cyborg, and the experience was so horrible that he repeatedly had to go to psychotherapy to overcome PTSD for a long time. Female star Rita Farr, who seems to be the most healthy on the team, once immersed in strange gases emitted by volcanoes to gain shape-shifting superpowers, and was also strangely surprised by her showbiz friends market, shunned. The list of members of Doom Patrol is still very long, including Crazy Jane or Dorothy Spinner, who are not very interested in their superpowers, although they have long adapted and mastered them. them.

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