DC introduces the family of Arm-Fall-Off Boy, its most useless superhero

Not only bringing the Arm-Fall-Off Boy, DC recently introduced … the family of this superhero, the Fall-Off Family.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy, referred to as AFOB is an internal character DC Comics, a character appears just to have, to the point of not being named. It was only after Zero Hour, this “superhero” was revealed to be Floyd Belkin from the planet Lallor.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy made his first appearance in Secret Origins (1986) # 46, being the first candidate to join the Legion of Super-Heroes team (and also being rejected first, too much). The reason is because this guy’s power … is too useless, it has almost no effect. Basically, AFOB has the ability to separate his limbs to make a weapon to attack the enemy. This ability is quite weird, but in real battle, it may not be very effective, because no superhero team needs a member who is only capable of beating mosquitoes.

It was only after ZERO HOUR that the superhero’s identity was revealed as Floyd Belkin, a superhero of the planet Lallor and instead of the nickname Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, he owned the new nickname as Splitter as well as the ability to control both the limbs (and the legs) are separated. Basically, although Splitter is not very appreciated, Splitter also owns a number of relatively impressive feats.

DC introduces the family of Arm Fall Off Boy its most useless superhero | Manga/Film

Not only hands, but Splitter can also be separated legs.

Specifically, not only possessed physical endurance that surpassed ordinary people and this ability was not really bad. You know the character of Buggy of One Piece, and to be fair, Splitter is like a “downgrade” version of Buggy. Just imagine, when you are trying to keep distance from the enemy and have an arm – with a sharp knife that is charging straight at you suddenly, it is very difficult.

Perhaps for this reason, Splitter is considered as one of the members of the special forces, the most elite on his planet. At the same time, this guy also reached the top 5 in the final round of the Legion of Super-Heroes, among a total of 445 contestants possessing other super powers. Surely, Arm-Fall-Off Boy or Splitter is not so weak, is it?

DC introduces the family of Arm Fall Off Boy its most useless superhero | Manga/Film

Reached the top 5, a relatively impressive achievement.

The only problem is that he often loses control of this form of power, causing his limbs to sometimes suddenly become detached, though there is no purpose at all.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy recently appeared with his family, Fall-Off Family, in SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN # 9. In addition to his step-father and dog Elmers who are Earth’s inhabitants, the Arm-Fall-Off Boy family also has a grandmother Butt-Fall-Off (Falling Butt), father Legs-Fall-Apart-In-Segments (Falling Legs), Head-Fall-Off moms and finally Fingers-Fall-Off sisters (Falling Fingers).

DC introduces the family of Arm Fall Off Boy its most useless superhero | Manga/Film

In order to keep the body parts from falling apart, the Fall-Off Family had to ask for assistance from S.T.A.R. Labs & Swamp Thing to tie BDSM style leather straps onto their bodies. It sounds awkward, right?

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