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DC Comics: Pretending to kill Alfred to try out his fans, who expected to kill him

As we know, DC confirmed the death of the butler Alfred Pennyworth at the hands of Bane not long ago in the BATMAN series of writer Tom King. However, in one recent interview, Tom King has revealed that the culprit behind Alfred’s death is none other than DC himself.

Specifically, after defeating Batman in the CITY OF BANE event, Bane becomes the ruler of Gotham City, with the one behind the rope pulling is none other than Thomas Wayne, Batman of the Flashpoint reality.

After Bane & Flashpoint Batman Thomas Wayne took control of Gotham and put the super criminals as officers here, Alfred was locked up in Wayne Mansion, while Ventriloquist replaced Alfred as the new butler. Despite being threatened by Thomas Wayne, Alfred believes that Bruce will return and win. Soon after, Alfred was broken by Bane to “teach” Thomas’s grandson Damian, in Batman # 77.

Bane cracked Alfred’s neck in front of Damian.

In order to save the situation, Batman and Catwoman planned to solve Bane, while Robin led the Bat-Family back to Gotham to deal with Flashpoint Batman. However, the true death of Alfred is something that Batman did not anticipate, when he tried to arrange for Alfred to avoid danger, along with the failure of the Bat-Family at the hands of Flashpoint Batman Thomas Wayne.

DC Comics Pretending to kill Alfred to try out his fans who expected to kill him | Khám phá

In Batman # 81, Batman still thinks that Alfred escaped from Thomas.

Shortly after Batman # 77 was released, many fans thought that this was just a fake death, because in his old position, Alfred should be the one who “shun the bombs”. According to many theories, it could be a disguised Clayface or a deception by the effects of the poison from Scarecrow, However, until # 83, the fans were completely surprised when Batman had to hug his friend’s body. His old man, after being defeated by his father in the melee with Bane. Basically, Alfred was completely free from Thomas and was actually killed in Bane’s hand.

DC Comics Pretending to kill Alfred to try out his fans who expected to kill him | Khám phá

This made many DC fans think that Alfred’s death was the “lasting change” that BATMAN writer Tom King had promised in this event. However, in a recent interview with Word Balloon, Tom King has revealed that he intends to let Alfred’s death be a fake death as planned by Batman, but DC (DC here could be DC’s Director of Publishing, Dan DiDio) … protested and decided to let Alfred die.

DC Comics Pretending to kill Alfred to try out his fans who expected to kill him | Khám phá

According to Tom King in this interview, Alfred’s death is likely one of the events to prepare for the 5G era, promising to open up the fifth generation of DC superheroes after the DEATH METAL event. , the sequel to the famous DARK NIGHTS: METAL event in the past.

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