Dashing Buffalo from champions to seekers relegation – Why so?

The beautiful memories of the “red buffalo” fans may have ended up at VCS Spring 2019. At that time, this team was also called Phong Vu Buffalo, owning one of the best players in Vietnam at that time, especially “Maou”. Zeros in the upper lane. Not only that, the rest of the squad also played extremely well, the 2-0 victories came easily and they won the VCS last spring as a matter of course.

Phong Vu Buffalo is the real destroyer in the Spring 2019 tournament

Fans thought that nothing would stop them from coming to Worlds after the summer season. However, the human nature is not equal to the god, with GAM Esports and Zeros Dashing Buffalo has now changed its name and lost its top laner to the opponent. Raizo’s early sublimation matches, now renamed Hassmed, did not make them stop remembering “Demon King”.

Dashing Buffalo from champions to seekers relegation Why so | Esports

Zeros had a noisy summer with going to GAM Esports and getting punished

And whatever comes next, Dashing Buffalo comes in fourth place in the summer and watches GAM Esports and Lowkey Esports go to Worlds. However, the biggest storm to push DBL into a critical crisis was the departure of the “information engine”. Palette, again, into GAM Esports. This loss officially put DBL on alert, they could not find a worthy replacement for Palette in the transfer phase and the result was in the “holding the red light” group.

Dashing Buffalo from champions to seekers relegation Why so | Esports

The image is probably the most heartbreaking for Dashing Buffalo fans in the VCS trailer for the spring of 2020

Dashing Buffalo from champions to seekers relegation Why so | Esports

The two current DBL victories are against FTV, who can win and Lowkey Esports, who owe their players wages, they even lost to rookie V Gaming Adonis

Not to mention the professional element, Palette and Big Koro have been sticking together since their Young Generation days, he was also the one who brought the team together and pushed them forward. Losing the Palette, Dashing Buffalo played like a snake, their decisions were extremely instinctive without any call or practice.

When the “big hands” gamers are no longer available, and are not able to move tactics, take out what DBL can compete with the top teams here.

With Ornn, Jarvan IV and Rumble, DBL’s ideas had to take advantage of teamfights, but they were too disjointed in teamfights, so these skills were completely divided.

However, it can not be blamed for losing people leading to worse achievements, gamers can change but the overall strategy and play style of the team is still required. Previously they won because of the overwhelming overwhelming Zeros and the command of the Palette, when you have a very strong person, the victory is very easy.

The departure of Zeros or the Palette reveals the strategic weaknesses of Dashing Buffalo, they almost have no clear idea about the gameplay, especially when they have to play at a weaker position.

This shows a mistake in the development of Dashing Buffalo’s team, many games when they are too secretive, they rely on the shine of Naul and Big Koro, the brightest remaining stars. Without a clear strategic idea, the ability to move and read the map badly made DBL so deteriorated, not because of any star leaving.

Dashing Buffalo from champions to seekers relegation Why so | Esports

DBL’s “Whist” Gunner is still nice but that is not enough to carry a team of weak

The most important thing for the “red buffalo” now is to find a good coach, with personality, build a clear play style for the team, even if they lose, they must have their own game, instead of losing. as weak as present. Everything is very urgent then, just play like crazy, not many Dashing Buffalo must go to the promotion round.

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