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Dark Fantasy in Anime: How to make a good work? (P.2)

3. Must create realistic characters

The story of true character building is a necessity for all works, not only the dark fantasy genre. Here let’s compare the characters Guts and Goblin Slayer.

But the difference here is that the character Guts is much more authentic and human than the Goblin Slayer.

In Guts, despite being a cold-hearted, strong-looking character, he is someone who loves to take care of other people.

Interesting character of the character does not lie in his expression but largely in the actions and relationships between him and those around him.

The work has done a good job of balancing the relationship between Guts and his team friends. Guts knows the power of rage has a bad effect on himself and turns himself into a bloodthirsty monster, but because in order to have the power to protect everyone, he has to use it, so he You have to rely on the others to bring your mind back.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 2 | Khám phá

This helps her to completely change, she needs to learn how instead of praying and giving everything to God, live with your own sins and actively train yourself to become stronger and stronger. . The exchange between Guts and the other characters in his group is what makes his personality shine.

What about the Goblin Slayer? Compared to the relationship between Guts and his team, the relationship of Goblin Slayer with those around him is quite faint and passive. Girls like female priests, elves who follow the Goblin Slayer just because they find him cool.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 2 | Khám phá

Compared to Guts’s apparent internal conflicts with the raging power he had, the fact that GS wore a full body armor from head to toe allowed us to see any expression as well as his inner. this boy.

This makes the character GS completely like a stranger to the world he lives in and with the audience.

4. Already “dark” must be “deep”

Well, of course the last and most important factor: being dark is deep. The fun of a dark fantasy series is not just about gore scenes to watch for “eyes” but to creating such a brutal world that gives us a more multi-dimensional view of life and makes them I ponder more.

That makes the work more memorable and interesting than a watch just because “eyes” a short gain and then no one cares about it anymore.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 2 | Khám phá

In the Berserk – Conviction arc, it’s not good because Guts splits monsters in half and rape scenes everywhere, but because we see the intense struggle of personal will the so-called destiny, God in Nietzche’s point of view.

And finally in Made in Abyss it’s not good to see children being tortured, tortured, but because after all these things, kids like Riko and Reg can still get rid of The terrorist stepped aside and continued his journey with a smile full of hope, showing a profound existential spirit.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 2 | Khám phá

In short, Goblin Slayer is an attempt to build a fantasy set that is different from the usual fantasy series on the market today but in my opinion failed because of the lack of world building, character building and dimensional creation. deep.

After all, whether a work is good or not is due to the way it works, not just because the idea is a little different, the auto “super product” is.

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