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Dark Fantasy in Anime: How to make a good work? (P.1)

The Goblin Slayer tront recently attracted a lot of attention on the “Dark fantasy” genre, a fantasy genre that is completely different from other fantasy worlds.

Different from the fun and excitement when you step into a beautiful fantasy world full of things to explore, a dark fantasy world can make us shiver, fear of the bloody darkness. and its violence.

And the difference, in contrast, makes the dark fantasy genre one of my favorite.

However, of course, liking the dark fantasy genre does not mean liking the whole genre. There is still selectivity here. So how to distinguish a good or bad dark fantasy?

Okay, let’s start with each one now!

1. Building a truly fierce and cruel world

Building a world is, of course, one of the first issues to consider for any fantasy author.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

For the common fantasy genre, building a good world helps evoke a sense of curiosity to explore, explore and adventure freely.

The effect of building a harsh world in the dark fantasy genre is to highlight the resilience, bravery and the unyielding of the main character when confronted to live in that world.

Therefore, a good world-building dark fantasy must be a show of real cruelty in ALL THE DETAILS AND VIEWS.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

Because the anime’s settings are about a young man who destroys the Goblin, the Goblin Slayer has a poor world-building. The creatures are mostly just basic fantasy monsters, in which the goblin is most focused.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

In the first half of episode 1, I thought this was a fun series to show that the goblins were not just low-level monsters but actually a dangerous, really hard challenge.

But we are quickly disappointed to see how easy Goblin Slayer or high-level adventurers can destroy Goblin.

Then we see that the party that was killed in the first episode are young rookies who are not only inexperienced but also proud, so it is right to take the consequences.

The world with only ordinary monsters that only need to spam a few magic or have a bit of experience to be able to kill a lot of Goblin in G. Slayer is completely different from a cruel, unforgiving world in Berserk.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

Not to mention the “last bosses” like the Godhand, or Griffith’s rice-clad entourage. Any normal monster in Berserk would appear to be mighty, terrifying, as if coming out of the most terrifying nightmares.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

And even if Guts is a very strong badass, the work does a great job of demonstrating the toughness of those monsters and Guts’s mad struggle in each battle screen.

He had to go to life many times to die, beaten to death, had to use the dangerous Berserker’s armor but he did not back down and continued to stand up and continue fighting until his last breath.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

Berserk’s world is a brutal world in every angle from powerful forces, creepy creatures and detailed magical, horror-style art, shown in every detail throughout the series. Products.

All of these things have raised the absolute image of a brave, unyielding warrior like Guts who is struggling every day and every hour struggling in that world to live.

Another example is Made in Abyss, the only difference here is that the world in Made in Abyss is dressed in a solid, rather than “bare,” outer layer like Berserk, but showing dangerous and scary is still very good and true.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

Clearly here we have to mention the great effect of the “last boss” Bondrewd in expressing the dark side of Made In Abyss. However, the work still has a very good distribution between details together.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

From the beginning of the manga, we were introduced to a dangerous world where death is always present and ready to snatch you at any time with the powerful curse of death. presence and fierce creatures hunt humans become stronger as you descend deeper.

Thanks to building a realistic and vivid world that can scare even adults, we can see just how strong the will of boys like Riko and Reg can be when decided to join a suicidal battle journey – one goes no return so.

2. Tragedy events must be shocking (with strong and lasting impact)

In dark fantasy series, tragic details and events are an inevitable thing. The question is how to make those tragedies have a strong impact on the audience and impress them. In order to do so, the events must be shocking, that is to have a strong impact. strong and enduring to the characters and the plot.

Specific manifestations such as the impact of that event on the psychology, the interior of the characters, the complete change of fate, the development direction of the characters or the complete change of the story line, direction development of the plot, …

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

In Made in Abyss, although there are no great tragedies like Eclipse, but there are still enough impact to take away the tears of the audience. From the very beginning, the scene where Riko and Reg parted with friends at the orphanage was heartbreaking because we knew that her journey was a one-way journey. This episode and the breakup is definitely the last time.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

Also thanks to the focus on character building in each of the Berserk and Made In Abyss sets, this makes us care about them. Then when the tragedy events take place can have a strong impact on the viewer.

Back to the Goblin Slayer, From the first episode, there was a fairly tragic event that was a failure of a low-ranked adventurer group to defeat the Goblin. But I think that event is not shocking.

Firstly, by the priestess character, after seeing her friends being brutally harmed by the goblins, there should be a great impact on the mind. and make her at least a little bit obsessive.

Dark Fantasy in Anime How to make a good work P 1 | Khám phá

The second is that the anime should have been more about the female warrior character after being raped by the Goblins. I think it will be an interesting side story with a serious and meaningful topic about how a girl can overcome such a great mental pain. But what do we all have? That character was completely ignored shortly after.

After all, the tragedy scene in ep 1 is mainly to shock the audience for a short time and show the cool, cool character of the main character Goblin Slayer.

The effects of this scene completely dissipate from the next episode onwards and the anime returns to a fairly common fantasy about a hegemony main character hunting.

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