Dandy legend: ‘Samsung White roster disbanded for money, LPL teams paid us 10 times the LCK’

Known as one of the LCK’s best Junglers of all time, Dandy – Former player who used to be Samsung Galaxy White crowned the World Championship 2014, recently had quite interesting shares about the period known as “The Great Migration”.

Dandy was the coach of the eStar team at the LPL in the 2019 season, after the summer season ended, he returned to his hometown of Korea to rest, before officially leaving the army tomorrow. Recently, he had a live stream with fans. During this live, an audience questioned the “Great Exodus” event, a term used to refer to a series of top LCK stars who went abroad to the LPL to compete in the period of 2014 – 2015.

Dandy (black shirt) replies to fans on stream about the disbandment of Samsung White

This audience member asked: “Was the reason you (Dandy) and the Samsung White players disbanded when they moved to China to play for money?”, and Dandy answered quite bluntly:

“Well, normally the reason why players go abroad is mainly money. Money is still the most important thing, right? As a professional gamer, your worth should be. to be properly recognized.

After Samsung White won the world championship, I thought that at least the team members could get a triple salary increase. But no, the Samsung family only offered a contract to raise wages by a half. Meanwhile, the LPL teams started to negotiate, and any of us were committed to receiving 10 times the current salary if we moved to China to play. I mean, if you put everyone in that situation, can you just say no? “

Dandy legend Samsung White roster disbanded for money LPL teams paid us 10 times the LCK | Esports

As Dandy shared, in fact, after the 2014 Worlds, all 5 members of Samsung Galaxy White left for China to play, and more broadly, all the Samsung players, including even Samsung Blue, unanimously parted ways with LCK to follow the call of LPL.

However, most of the stars who have been in the “galaxy” Samsung Galaxy have not had success in the foreign land, except Pawn and Deft can “remove antlers” with the MSI 2015 championship, the mark of the The remaining members such as imp, Mata, Dandy, Looper, Dade … in the international arena are just a plump zero.

Dandy legend Samsung White roster disbanded for money LPL teams paid us 10 times the LCK | Esports

It seems that in the past, the LCK players switched to playing in the LPL purely due to financial reasons, because at that time, the Chinese League of Legends was not as developed as it is now, and the teams. The LPL has absolutely no competition in the international arena with LCK teams.

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