CvMax was fined 1 million won by the Korean court after accusing him of violence against Sword

According to the DailyEsports, the Uijeongbu District Court – South Korea recently approved the prosecutor’s accusation file on the former coach’s violence against a player. GriffinCvMax, who is currently the head coach of League of Legends team DragonX.

The complaint has content about violence and psychological pressure on the player Sword – Former student of CvMax at GRF, was sent on March 20. The court concluded that the violence was recognized by the parties through various forms, however, the seriousness of the violation did not reach a dangerous level, so the trial would not be held publicly, but Only informal hearings are held and administrative fines of 1 million won (about VND 19 million) are imposed on CvMax.

In response to this information, CvMax confirmed to DailyEsports that he had received a notice from the court, and was in the process of making an appeal. The fine of 1 million won may be nothing compared to the income of CvMax, but it is important that if you accept this penalty, the violent crime will also be linked to CvMax’s profile and affect. The honor of the coach from now on.

According to the analysis of the Korean gaming community, the “acknowledgments” of CvMax’s violence against former Griffin players were taken from press conferences and streams related to the drama at the end of the year. 2019 – early 2020, when accused by Sword and Tarzan of the player violence, CvMax has admitted that he once frowned Chovy and scolded Sword.

CvMax was fined 1 million won by the Korean court after accusing him of violence against Sword | Esports

However, the DRX coach completely rejected Sword citing that CvMax cursed at him with offensive words such as “rubbish” or “disdain”, while Chovy – the player considered is the most heavily abused by CvMax, currently he continues to follow this coach to play at DragonX.

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