Customer care, sales at home / remotely are still as effective as in the office with a virtual switchboard solution using private numbers

We have gone through a period of adaptation and now the goal is to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Working from home / remotely but still ensuring efficiency, especially for customer service related tasks such as customer care and business. Therefore, it is necessary to build a standardization process from the outset so that it can be applied whenever needed without losing time to optimize.

Using online tools ensures smooth customer communication. However, there will be management problems. For example, using a personal device without a business number will be unprofessional and more difficult to reach customers. At the same time, it is not possible to know the specific communication process between customers and consultants through one-way reporting, will need call recording files for analysis and optimization. Meanwhile, these recordings can be up to thousands or millions of files at a time, and will need built-in archives ready to save and manage for research, planning, and mining purposes. create …

As such, it requires the tool to integrate many quality monitoring features, improving professionalism while still allowing flexible work wherever you are.

This is also a good opportunity to “test” in real environments, helping businesses find ways to work, interact, collaborate better when working online, and improve customer service effectively. more on different working channels.

Virtual PBX / call center solution using a private number to professionalize customer care process even when working from a distance.

Even when not working online due to the impact of restrictions, there are some specific job features that employees cannot regularly be present in the office to listen, call, take care of, and handle problems. for customers.

However, sales staff / customer care staff can actively call for sale or customer care with personal devices at home and still be professional with their own number and integrated CRM system is no different when doing. work at the office.

No need for bulky devices or desk phones like traditional PBXs, BizFly Call Center virtual switchboard minimizes working equipment for users. The essentials to start working from anywhere are just an internet connection and a software-installed phone or personal computer – using the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) model.

Businesses still have full control over the work whether employees work from home or outside. By reading the statistics reports on the number of incoming and outgoing calls, call recordings, … businesses will capture the customer needs, the problems they encounter, as well as the quality of support. To where.

Not only integrating CRM, connectivity tools such as Drive, email marketing, chatbot … allow managers to set up and operate a smooth, seamless and efficient multi-channel workflow.

Not only increasing the professionalism, efficiency, the solution also helps businesses save costs, reduce effort in optimal operation.

The cost problem is always a concern that businesses care about. This is also the reason why the application of powerful technologies that consume less resources is always appreciated by businesses. Not only possessing a superior feature system and a stable platform, virtual switchboard service BizFly Call Center Also offers many cost incentives:

– Discount up to 6 months of use

Customer care sales at home remotely are still as effective as in the office with a virtual switchboard solution using private numbers | GameK

– Free unlimited internal calls

– Free 5GB call recording storage

– Unlimited number of extensions

– Manage call rates for each extension or the entire switchboard

Save on call costs compared to traditional analog switchboards (up to 30%)

– Integrated Click2Call free call from the web.

– Security feature, supports TLS to connect to the PBX to secure calls

– Call automatically TeleSale / CSKH notification Call Center.

BizFly Call Center is a comprehensive business PBX solution developed by BizFly Cloud, operated by VCCorp. BizFly Call Center is applied to a variety of fields: Real Estate, Banking, Online Game, Booking, E-commerce …

In addition, BizFly Cloud also develops and supports SaaS solutions: Drive, email marketing, chatbot … allowing any tool to be integrated after just a few taps when needed.

BizFly Cloud is currently 1 of 5 providers that fully meets information security criteria, set of indicators of cloud computing platforms for argument transfer, building e-Government / Power Government. certified by the Ministry of Information and Communications. BizFly Cloud is currently the cloud partner of many large enterprise customers: VTV, Vingroup, Northern Green Land, Thu Cuc, Ahamove, Sapo, Thu Cuc Aesthetics, VNtrip …

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