CS:GO – Epic League overview and the tragic stories behind the first RMR tournament in 2021 of the CIS region

In the past few days, “laughing tears” stories about Epic League 2021 – The first RMR tournament in 2021 of the CIS region has become a hot topic on both international and Vietnamese forums. Reputed as a tournament under the RMR system that counts for the Stockholm Major – the biggest tournament of the year CS:GO with a total prize money of up to 2 million USD – but Epic League received a lot of criticism from both fans and players in attendance for its amateurish organization and confusing decisions.

Epic League 2021 is jointly organized by Epic Esports Events and RESF and features the top teams in the CIS region such as Gambit, Na`vi or Virtus.Pro,…

It all started on Saturday when S1mple – the star currently playing for Na`vi voiced complaints about the organization of Epic League. Specifically, he revealed that the tournament has no Anti-cheat feature, does not save TeamSpeak of teams, has no replays and has no information about the 5-6th position match. This information quickly received a response from the participating players and celebrities in the CS:GO world. Zorte, a player who plays forZe, also confirmed that the delay of matches on GOTV is 0, meaning that anyone with the password can watch the match live. In addition, some Chinese users were able to access the server and watch the full match between Na`vi and forZe.

CS GO Epic League overview and the tragic stories behind the first RMR tournament in 2021 of the CIS region | GameK

S1mple’s criticisms of BTC Epic League 2021

After S1mple raised these inadequacies, the BTC Epic League decided to hold a match for 5-6 places right before the grand final of the tournament between Gambit and Virtus.Pro took place, and suddenly changed it. changed the format of this final from bo3 to bo5. Initially, both Na`vi and Entropig agreed to participate in this 5-6th place match, but close to now, both these teams have agreed not to play and equally divide the amount of RMR points received (Participation in the game). because Entropiq just had to play in another tournament right before the game).

After receiving notices from the two teams, the organizers contacted Valve and the Valve representative said that if they refused to play, both teams would be penalized with all the RMR points they earned. Entropig then agreed to compete, but Na`vi continued to say that they could not compete. BTC again asked Valve and received an answer that if Na`vi refused to play, they would be forfeited and still have all points deducted. Finally, Na`vi has also accepted to compete and this match will take place on May 31 or June 1.

In the midst of criticism about the server’s lack of anti-cheat feature and no delay, many questions were raised with Akuma, a phenomenon in this tournament when there were convincing victories against big players like Na `vi or Virtus.Pro to get 3rd place. Throughout these 2 matches, Akuma members have completely outperformed their opponents when they have extremely accurate stack decisions, only standard timings. , … and the clips have made many people question this team.

A very confusing move by Sergiz when there is no information

All 3 Akuma members moved back to bombsite A when there was no information

SENSEi, Akuma’s main AWP-er later confirmed that he and his teammates did not use 3rd party software and they were ready to cooperate with the tournament organizer to open an investigation. RESF, the co-organizer of this tournament yesterday, May 30 also made its official announcement.

CS GO Epic League overview and the tragic stories behind the first RMR tournament in 2021 of the CIS region | GameK

RESF official announcement on this matter

“After holding a detailed investigation, we have obtained a large amount of information about Akuma members, and the analysis of the data on the Akuma members’ computers has not revealed any suspicious signs. which. […] We have also informed Valve and ESIC about this incident and are ready to cooperate in sharing this information.”

The problems in the management and the confusing decisions of the RMR organizers in recent times have once again raised questions about Valve’s role and responsibility for these tournaments. they are the only chance to earn points for a ticket to the Major, the biggest and most prestigious tournament of the year. Hopefully through this Valve will have valuable experience to be able to choose the right units and organize fair, quality and attractive tournaments in the future.

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