CS:GO – Drama between NiP and Anonymo and Flashpoint’s unprofessional handling

In the past few days, the drama between NiP, Anonymo and Flashpoint have become the focus of the community’s attention CS:GO the world as well as in Vietnam. Taking place at a big and important tournament, which has a great impact on the ability to attend the Major at the end of the year, the handling of the parties has caused a lot of controversy and made things go further.

It all started with the match between NiP and Anonymo in the framework of Flashpoint season 3, the first European RMR tournament this year on May 14. Right from the first map, the NiP members reflected on the loss phenomenon and after considering the problem and using many measures such as changing servers, changing transmission lines, the match was continued. However, after a few rounds on map 3 Mirage, the NiP members continued to have loss problems and had to use the right of technical pause. Here, even though Anonymo members asked to move the match schedule to another day, the tournament admin refused and repeatedly asked NiP members to choose a server so that the match could continue. In the end, NiP lost map 3 17-19 and fell to the losing bracket of the tournament.

“We lost to Anonymo, the conditions were really bad and I’m really disappointed with FaceIT’s amateurish handling. GGWP.” – Dev1ce, the new star who joined NiP spoke up right after the match.

Immediately after the match ended, NiP members complained about the decisions of the tournament admin, and the NiP organization also sent a request to Flashpoint for review and rematch. After reviewing the evidence and confirming the technical error from the BTC side, Flashpoint decided to replay this match and allowed Anonymo to choose whether to replay the whole bo3 turn or just the last map. This decision was also approved by Valve, but Anonymo refused to play again on Sunday and confirmed that they were forced by both Flashpoint and NiP to accept the game again. NiP responded by calling Anonymo’s announcement “seriously misleading” and its CEO Jonas Gundersen stressed that NIP did not pressure any party, arguing that that Anonymo is lying and that it is shameful.

CS GO Drama between NiP and Anonymo and Flashpoint s unprofessional handling | GameK

“It’s us (NiP – ND) who make the request to play again, not the players. They just want to be recognized that the playing conditions are unacceptable. They are ready. compete whether in the winning or losing bracket.

We have not put any pressure on any party and the lies in Anonymo’s announcement are shameful.” – Mr. Jonas Gundersen, CEO of NiP.

The conflicting information and accusations from both teams quickly made the world CS:GO community stir. The majority of opinions agree that Flashpoint is the party with the most errors because it forced the game to continue even though the problem has not been resolved. Many supporters of Anonymo believe that this team does not need to play again because this is completely the fault of the BTC and they have won a worthy victory, however, some others have raised the view that a match A rematch will ensure fairness for both sides, especially since this is an RMR tournament for the Stockholm Major that is expected to be held in October.

CS GO Drama between NiP and Anonymo and Flashpoint s unprofessional handling | GameK

“Last time we had an Internet problem at Flashpoint, we immediately moved to another location so we could play in time; of course not all organizations have such conditions but the Internet is the problem. your own problem. They shouldn’t have come up with this rematch solution.” – FalleN, Team Liquid’s IGL speaks out

At dawn on May 18, Flashpoint continued to make an announcement, confirming that map 3 of this match will be played again on Tuesday, May 18. Flashpoint also announced that the decision was made after “contacting both teams and consulting with CSPPA (CS:GO Professional Players Association)”. Flashpoint also apologized to the two teams, players and the community for the incident, acknowledging that their announcement on Sunday failed to convey “a full picture of what went wrong.” take place” and said it has updated its code to avoid similar situations.

This unfortunate incident will certainly be a memorable lesson for not only the organizers but also for both teams when they couldn’t control their emotions and made unprofessional comments. Hopefully Flashpoint and other organizers will learn from this experience to be able to handle it more professionally at future tournaments.

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