CS: GO update: Many new things will definitely affect the AWP-er

There have been many players who have made a name for themselves with this ultimate weapon, from the early days like kennyS, Pashabiceps, JW, Guardian, … or until recently such as s1mple, zywOo, dev1ce or woxic, …

In the list of the world’s leading AWP-er, we can not help but mention the pride of the French: kennyS. Play professionally CS: GO from the early days, it’s no exaggeration to say that kennyS is a legend with proactive shoots, incredible flicks and high-speed snap shots.

Even in 2015 Valve had to nerf this AWP when reducing its movement speed when the viewfinder turned on – a nerf supposedly aimed directly at kennyS. After about 2 years of decline, with the decline of French CS, recently kennyS and his teammates at G2 Esports have shown signs of “spring” when he played very well and often. is the leader that leads the team to victory.

undefinedkennyS and the teammates are in impressive form at the recent LAN tournaments.

However, it was not so long before kennyS received a “bad news” when CS: GO yesterday had a new update, including an important change when reducing the movement speed after firing. AWP-er. Specifically, before sitting after shooting an AWP and then getting up immediately, the player’s movement speed will quickly return to normal, but after yesterday’s update, it will take you some extra time to Increase the speed back to normal.

Understandably, with this new update, AWP-er will now be very difficult to “hide” quickly after making a shot and this will certainly affect the players in general and the CS: GO platform. career in particular.

A video clearly shows the change before and after this update.

kennyS soon followed up on Twitter and shared that personally “don’t like this change” and this will certainly be “a big change”.

CS GO update Many new things will definitely affect the AWP er | Esports

“In my opinion, they are trying to reduce the overall movement speed of AWP-er when shooting is a basic skill that a lot of people use. This is definitely a big change.”

An interesting point is that this nerf directly affects AWPers with active shooting style, causing mutations with the rushes to catch people and then quickly “effervesce”, and the typical player has that style of play. again … kennyS.

That’s why another user teased: “They just need to watch a game you used AWP back in 2014/2015 and immediately nerfed it. So this time is definitely your fault.” kennyS then answered wittyly: “I heard that the next nerf will be … give up that scope too.”

kennyS and teammates at G2 Esports are playing at IEM Katowice 2020 and their opponent tonight will be mousesports, the team is also in impressive form recently.

This will definitely be a battle worth watching when both teams have players with extremely high personal skills and fast, active gameplay. These matches will be commented live on YouTube channel of 500Bros, so please watch and support!

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