CS: GO – The cult names of the French communist village are sitting on the bench

Among European countries, France is one of the countries with background CS very developed, from the very first versions to the game CS: GO nowadays. Throughout 21 years of history, the French have many times stood at the top of the world and produced top stars, such as kennyS, NBK, shox or most recently the name ZywOo. However, from the beginning of the year until now, there have been 3 French players on the bench in different teams, let’s find out these names with us!

1. kennyS

The first name we must mention is for sure Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, the 25 year old AWP-er who is currently sitting on the G2 Esports bench. This legendary AWP-er has played for G2 since 2017 and has achieved many successes; However, in early March, G2 Esports officially put him on the bench, and brought JaCkz back to the squad. The star of the NIKo team will be competing in the position of Rifler / AWPer, while kennyS will have full control to find a new home for themselves.

KennyS is one of the most famous AWP-ers in the world of CS: GO with active and beautiful gameplay, along with flick moves at high speed but also extremely accurate. This gameplay has contributed significantly to Team EnVyUs crowned at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015, the 7th Major held in history and kennyS was also honored as MVP at this tournament.

kennyS with teammates in EnVyUs shirt

After being on the bench, kennyS focused on personal streaming and self-image development, and confirmed that he will continue to stick with the CS game, denying rumors that he will switch. to play for the Alliance team in Valorant.

KennyS ‘flicks are still full of quality

2. Nivera

Like his brother ScreaM, despite being a Belgian player, Nivera’s career has been with the French CS: GO village since the early days of playing. Only 19 years old this year, but Nivera quickly showed impressive performances and helped him be recruited by Vitality in October 2020 as the team’s sixth member. Playing in two maps, Inferno and Dust2, Nivera has repeatedly proved himself through important shines and contributed significantly to the team’s two titles, IEM Beijing-Haidian and BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

CS GO The cult names of the French communist village are sitting on the bench | GameK

Nivera (far right) with his teammates in Vitality shirts

However, at the end of last week, Vitality was suddenly announced to put Nivera on the bench. The main reason for this change is that in early 2021 Valve announced new rules for the upcoming RMR tournaments, stating that teams can register as a reserve player but with points deducted. when changing a player to the official line up.

This forced Vitality to return to the 5-member roster, but asserted: “During his time playing for team Nivera has shown himself as a talented player and he can completely become a player. If there is any change in the future. ” With an impressive performance in Vitality shirt, no matter if Nivera decides to stay or leave, a bright future awaits this young Belgian talent.


3. NBK

As a veteran player and once a teammate of kennyS, NBK was announced to leave OG’s roster at the end of February. This decision was made after a period of poor performance by himself and OG team in general; They were eliminated early at cs_summit 7, failed to pass BLAST Premier Spring Group and had to stop at IEM Katowice 2021 at 13-16.

CS GO The cult names of the French communist village are sitting on the bench | GameK

NBK officially left OG after more than a year of playing

NBK is one of the original members of the OG CS: GO squad and for more than a year playing for this organization, the best achievement he and his teammates achieved is the runner-up position at IEM New York 2020 and runner-up at FLASHPOINT Season 2. In his personal announcement, NBK also shared that he is eager to continue playing CS: GO professionally and is willing to take on the IGL position if necessary.

In addition to the three famous stars mentioned above, some names that can be mentioned here are bodyy (former player G2 Esports, currently on the payroll LDLC), Lucky (former player G2, currently on the bench of Heretic. ) or kioShiMa (former player FaZe Clan, currently on the bench of Heretic). It is clear that CS: GO France has a lot of talent ready to play at the top, but professional top teams do not always have enough positions for everyone. The future of these names, either forming their own empires, or having to move to another game (e.g., VALORANT) – if they can’t find a suitable stop for the year 2021.

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