CS: GO – The 3rd time being banned, will Twitch still be a suitable house for S1mple?

As one of the best players in the world at the present time, it’s not difficult to understand when S1mple Being a streamer CS: GO has the most viewers on Twitch. S1mple’s stream channel is a real “skill channel” when he unleashes all his quintessence in intense FPL matches and each of his livestream sessions has tens of thousands of viewers watching at the same time. , a very desirable number for many other streamers.

Famous and a partner of Twitch but S1mple has been touched many times by the world’s largest streaming platform. Twitch two days ago, suddenly announced that the channel channel of S1mple had been issued without disclosing the reason and the deadline. This is the third time he has been banned, after two times he was banned in 2019 for using “inappropriate words”. After being banned by Twitch, S1mple responded with a tweet very similar to what Dr Disrespect wrote after he was banned by Twitch.

“Twitch did not inform me of the specific reason for this order … Thank you so much for supporting me during this difficult time. While I enjoy the order, we can follow it.” Subscribe to my other streaming channels with “valuable” giveaway parts that everyone can “easily” receive. ” – S1mple.

In the S1mple Tweet, he also mentioned “Twitch” about the inability of the streaming platform to fake his streams as well as many other famous streamers. These streams are often named similarly to popular streamers to trick tricky users into clicking on fraudulent links. Each time this stream is banned, a few minutes later a similar stream grows and continues. S1mple, Dev1ce, Shroud and many other names are victims of this fraud but until now Twitch has not found an effective preventive measure.

CS GO The 3rd time being banned will Twitch still be a suitable house for S1mple | Esports

Fake S1mple or Shroud streams are still appearing daily on Twitch

S1mple was not the only streamer to get banned this time when Zeus, his former teammate in Na`vi, also suffered the same fate. This is the 3rd time for both of you so it is likely that the time limit of the order will be longer than 7 days as usual.

On two previous occasions, Twitch announced that the reason was because S1mple had “used hate speech.” However, S1mple soon responded that Twitch worked mechanically and that “a word has many meanings when used in different contexts.” S1mple also frankly shared that he was “too tired to stream on a bad platform”. However, probably due to sponsors and contracts issues, after the S1mple ban orders continued to stream on Twitch and did not encounter any more trouble, until here. 2 days.

CS GO The 3rd time being banned will Twitch still be a suitable house for S1mple | Esports

Not only S1mple but also Zeus has been banned by Twitch recently

With many direct criticisms and criticisms of Twitch, it is almost certain that S1mple will leave Twitch and move to a new platform when it is no longer bound. With the reputation and a large number of fans watching, S1mple will surely be invited by big streaming platforms like Facebook or Youtube with valuable contracts. However, like Twitch, both platforms are quite strict with streamers violating their terms, while S1mple is still famous for swearing on its stream.

Another option for him is the emerging young platforms where he can freely stream to his liking, though the contracts will not be as attractive as the two big guys. It should also be remembered that in addition to the personal stream, S1mple is also playing for Na`vi and this CIS organization certainly has his own requirements related to sponsors, advertising contracts, etc. ..

With this being the 3rd time being banned, it is almost certain that we will not be able to watch S1mple stream for a long time anymore. This will be a good opportunity for S1mple to rest and with the teammates preparing for ESL One Cologne 2020, the tournament will officially start on August 18.

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