CS: GO – Stewie2k battles with Nifty for daring to underestimate Liquid

Right after the drama Thorin criticize Astralis are the worst the CS: GO community was once again attracted to another drama between two pro players from North America: Stewie2k (team Liquid) and Nifty (team Envy). This drama is nothing big on its own but quite loudly on twitter.

The reason is derived from a Nifty interview video about teams, maps, players … let him comment whether it is overrated (overrated or underrated) or underrated (underrated). ), posted on February 18 by RivalryCS. And Nifty’s answer about Team Liquid made stewie2k feel hot. You can watch the video below:

Full text of Nifty’s answer: “As far as I can see, Liquid overrated. They would be a strong team if they really wanted to be. From a fan’s perspective it was quite disappointing. They’re struggling with personal issues outside the team.” , and such a team would be very difficult to work together anytime and anywhere.

You will always have to put aside your ego and in this matter Liquid deals worse than any team. But honestly they still have the ability to become the strongest squad in North American history – especially CS: GO. “

But Nifty’s statement of punching and rubbing did not please stewie2k, and Liquid’s 1998 gunner responded on twitter: “You sound like punching us in the ear. Don’t say that we don’t have the resolve to be the strongest. We understand what it means to be team-mate and know how to put our egos aside. Check yourself in the mirror. “

CS GO Stewie2k battles with Nifty for daring to underestimate Liquid | Esports

Stewie2k’s counter-tweet.

Right after the stewie2k counterattack, Nifty also responded with a gif with a line like “you don’t want no smoke”, which can be interpreted as “You shouldn’t fight me.” This means that Nifty is not bothered with arguing with stewie2k on social media, or he has a lot of evidence related to Liquid’s problems, or simply, Nifty is expressing an intention to end the argument. this.

CS GO Stewie2k battles with Nifty for daring to underestimate Liquid | Esports

Nifty appears indifferent to Stewie2k’s reaction.

Liquid has emerged as a force since the end of 2018, not only in North America, but also briefly dominated CS: GO in the world before Astralis subdued and stayed at No. 2. But in the past few months, Liquid’s performance is not as stable as it was before it didn’t get any major LAN championship titles and was defeated by rivals that were underrated like fnatic ( lost 0-2 in ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals), FaZe Clan (lost 0-2 in both confrontations in BLAST Premier Spring 2020) …

The Nifty interview video seems to have been shot from DreamHack Master Malmo, a tournament where Liquid lost to Grayhound 0-2, so Nifty thinks the team is being overestimated by their actual form.

CS GO Stewie2k battles with Nifty for daring to underestimate Liquid | Esports

Liquid has been facing a number of bitter failures at major tournaments in recent months.

In general, this drama between stewie2k and Nifty is not a big deal, but it also raises many questions about whether there are personal problems within Liquid. Clearly stewie2k and Liquid have only one way to refute Nifty’s statement, which is to achieve high performance in the upcoming LAN tournaments.

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