CS: GO – ‘Smiling with lots of skills’ and the stark career of English prodigy Smooya

Although also a European country but the background CS: GO In the UK, it is not too developed when compared to other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, France, … However, in recent years, a young talent has emerged with all the qualities. of a star: Owen “Smooya“Butterfield.

Owen “Smooya” Butterfield

Just like every other young talent, player This British born in 1999 is known by many people through FPL through streams, impromptu highlights but also very class with AWP, … Smooya started playing for semi-professional and low-level teams when Only 17 years old and after putting on a series of names such as Endpoint, Radix eSports, CeX or Epsilon eSports, in 2018 his career turned to a new history when he moved to play for BIG and officially placed Enter the professional world CS: GO.

Just three months later, Smooya and his teammates surprised the world by defeating a series of top teams that reached the final of ESL One Cologne 2018, one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year. With the support of the home crowd, BIG was unable to defeat Na`vi, a name that was also extremely high at that time. Although only a runner-up position, this is an unbelievable achievement for the BIG members and for Smooya this final is even more special when he is the first English player in history to reach a final. at such a big LAN tournament.

CS GO Smiling with lots of skills and the stark career of English prodigy Smooya | Esports

Smooya (2nd from right, wearing the United Kingdom flag) with teammates in the final of ESL One Cologne 2018

Sadly, this is also the last time we see Smooya and his teammates making it to the finals of a major LAN tournament. The active, constantly moving game on Smooya’s map has been studied and caught by rivals, making this British talent no longer show as much as before and at this time BIG members are not to be in good shape as before. In addition, there are continuous dramas related to Smooya’s toxicity such as cursing each other with Mousesports members at StarSeries i-League Season 6, being banned from FPL for toxic, … The disappointing results only pour more Oil on fire and in February 2019, Smooya put himself on the BIG bench just before Major IEM Katowice 2019.

“I am very happy with what I have achieved, but in recent times I have felt that I have not improved at all. [AWP] again. And I’m not the type to pull the whole team down, so I tell my teammates that I’m ready to sit on the bench if nex can return to play at the Major and everyone agrees. “- Smooya shared with hltv about his decision to put himself on the bench before the Major IEM Katowice 2019.

Smooya is a typical example of the idiom “very talented many disabilities”

For about 6 months on the bench, Smooya has been stand-in for a number of teams like Renegades and achieved some success; In August, he officially returned to play for BIG after the retired General Gob B retired. However, Smooya’s second BIG coat did not last long until the beginning of this year he officially left BIG to make room for K1to and Syrson.

Only a few days later he joined the Chaos Esports Club, but once again his luck continued to linger when he had a visa problem and had to sit on the bench for only 2 months after joining the team. Smooya left Chaos at the end of March and was about to join TIGER, a team from Mongolia but this mission failed when TIGER suddenly performed very well recently when winning ESL One: Road to. Rio Asia region and will be deducted a lot of points if changing the team at this time.

CS GO Smiling with lots of skills and the stark career of English prodigy Smooya | Esports

“I have officially become a free player and ready to play for teams from Europe / North America. Hopefully I will have a chance to prove myself, especially when the time comes. for Chaos to end in such a way. ” – Smooya shared on Twitter

Success and reputation coming too early is probably part of the reason Smooya became arrogant and toxic, but over time, Smooya has gradually matured and lessened the bad. Hopefully, this “talented and talented” talent will soon find a suitable new home to develop into a true star of professional CS.

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