CS: GO – Jamppi, the missing piece of ENCE?

The first months of 2019 are probably the best times in the members’ lives ENCE when they wrote the most beautiful fairy tale of CS history in general and CS history in general when they – from 5 players coming together amidst the bleak CS scene in the country, didn’t have a gaming house, train yourself and sit in the online arena from the qualifiers of the least-known tournaments, until you reach the final of the major IEM Katowice 2019.

ENCE members at IEM Katowice 2019

However, all stories must have ended, by September 2019, rumors of ENCE’s internal record appeared right before the Major and indeed, IGL Aleksib was kicked while the team was in competition. StarLadder Major. Taking on suNny, the player who had been on the Mousesports bench for a long time, Allu and his teammates gradually went into crisis when they played extremely frail and constantly eliminated from the LAN tournaments very early. There was even a time when the Finns winrate in the last 3 months was just … 16.7% of the same series of 8 matches only known to smell defeat.

Immersed in crisis, ENCE decided to recruit Jamppi – a young prodigy of the Finnish CS scene, but this player is currently banned from Valve’s participation in the Major due to a hacked Steam account, so ENCE has followed Astralis’s path when using a team. 6 people: xseveN will be a competitor in Valve-sponsored tournaments, while Jamppi will play in the remaining tournaments.

CS GO Jamppi the missing piece of ENCE | Esports

Young Jamppi talent in ENCE shirt colors

The first tournament Jamppi played for ENCE was DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 and although he had a dream start with a 2-0 victory over Na`vi, ENCE was unable to maintain his style and lost 2 games. consecutively ahead of Vitality and NiP. Having a factor of 1-2 and losing the head-to-head record, ENCE was eliminated from the tournament at 13-16. Despite not being able to move with his teammates to the next round, Jamppi also promptly left a certain impression with some pretty high quality highlights.

An extremely quality ACE phase of Jamppi in the match against Na`vi

After DreamHack Masters Spring 2020, ENCE members only had a day to rest before playing in BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. Perhaps a form of bo1 competition and Jamppi’s having time to get to know and integrate with new teammates has made ENCE members play really well. Throughout the tournament, they did not lose any match, including two draws against Vitality and NiP. This unbeaten record is even more impressive when we look at the list of their opponents: Mousesports (# 5 hltv), Astralis (# 2 hltv), Vitality (# 10 hltv), MAD Lions (a team in progress in good shape recently), …

This positive result came not only from Jamppi alone but also from ENCE internal changes. After some time ineffective IGL, Allu ceded this position to suNny to focus on the main AWP-er role for the team and it seems that this helped him sublime to bring about important winning rounds for the team. . Under the leadership of suNny, other members like Aerial or the sergej star have also played more comfortably and have signs of regaining style for a while.

CS GO Jamppi the missing piece of ENCE | Esports

Sergej star is also regaining its form after a period of less convincing competition

Of course an online tournament is unlikely to be enough for us to accurately assess the strength of a team and ENCE will have much work to do when their upcoming opponent will be the top team in the world. like Na`vi, G2 Esports, Liquid or Astralis, … However, ENCE fans still have the right to hope that one day the Finnish flag will fly in the top CS arena and Ez4ENCE music will be heard after each match. duel.

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