CS: GO – Is the return of Karrigan a piece of the puzzle that FaZe Clan is missing?

When talking about the outstanding IGL that the background CS Denmark once produced Finn “karrigan“Andersen is one of the names that cannot be ignored. Throughout his professional playing career since 2008, karrigan has played many famous teams such as Fnatic, mousesports, Dignitas or TSM. In his religion, many young talents have been accumulated, experienced and have a suitable environment to become the true stars of contemporary CS.

From left to right: Dupreeh, karrigan, cajunb, device and Xyp9x in Dignitas

In January 2016, karrigan officially left Astralis to join the squad FaZe Clan. During more than 3 years of playing for this organization, karrigan has contributed significantly when he and his superstar teammates make FaZe Clan a top team of contemporary CS, with the pinnacle of being the runner-up at ELEAGUE Major: Boston after losing to home team Cloud9 1-2 regrettably in the final.

The very quality smoke berries come from karrigans

However, every story must have an end; The second half of 2018 was a difficult time for FaZe Clan when they didn’t have a stable roster and the members were no longer in their best form. By December 2018, karrigan was officially put on the bench and in March 2019, he joined mousesports in an effort to rebuild the organization’s CS: GO roster. With a roster of young stars like ropz, frozen or woxic, karrigan acts as a brain that unites these players and helps them make the best use of their abilities. After only a few months, mousesports quickly rose to become a top team with prestigious championships. Many people still remember a series of extremely impressive performances with 5 consecutive LAN tournaments to the final and the 4 of them championship of karrigan and teammates at the end of 2019, thereby showing their ability to receive. His undeniable direction and talent.

CS GO Is the return of Karrigan a piece of the puzzle that FaZe Clan is missing | GameK

karrigan and teammates won the ESL Pro League Season 10 Final

At the beginning of February 2021, karrigan once again took off mousesports to return to the old roof of the FaZe Clan. In this comeback, he will have a reunion with rain, the only player left of the old squad with three quality stars: broky, Coldzera and Twistzz. With the joining of karrigan, many fans expect that he will be the missing brain of this all-star lineup and bring FaZe Clan once again as a top team.

There is no need to discuss karrigan’s playing experience and he has also demonstrated his leadership throughout his career, but many have questioned the ability of teams to maintain their form. led by the karrigan when both FaZe Clan and mousesports were only able to hold the top team position for a while before being caught by their opponents and beaten repeatedly. Another weakness of karrigan is his personal skill when he is 30 years old this year and it is difficult to maintain his peak form.

In a recent interview with the HLTV news site, karrigan shared: “FaZe Clan is an organization that I trust. […] The team’s goal for the next 6 months will be a place in the top 4 Major, and in a year it will definitely be # 1 in the world. ” These are very ambitious goals in a short time, but with the experience of karrigan and a quality team, fans can expect one day hastag #ezaf appears on every status line. Thai is everywhere in social networks.

The next tournament that karrigan and teammates attend will be ESL Pro League Season 13, a tournament with a total prize money of up to $ 750,000 and lasts from March 8 to April 12. FaZe Clan is in Group B and will be pitted against formidable names like G2 Esports, Vitality or mousesports for a spot in the top 3 to advance to the Playoffs.

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