CS: GO IEM Katowice championship candidates who they are (Part 1)

2020 will be the 5th year of the tournament CS: GO IEM returns to the city of Katowice, Poland. This is one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in CS: GO history, just behind ESL One Cologne.

Last year, IEM Katowice was selected as one of the two Major of the year and at the Spodek Arena, where we witnessed the magical fairy tale of ENCE as they went from the Minor round to the final match. Summarize and only be subdued before an invincible Astralis.

With a huge prize pool and the participation of all the teams in the top 10 on the prestigious HLTV rankings, this promises to be an extremely quality tournament in terms of both professional and monumental scale. Join us to review the potential candidates for this championship!

List of 16 teams to participate in IEM Katowice 2020:

1. Astralis

CS GO IEM Katowice championship candidates who they are Part 1 | Esports

5 boys “Red Star” Astralis.

The heaviest candidate for the championship cup will undoubtedly be Astralis, the pride of the Danes. Since 2018, Astralis members have been the king of professional CS: GO with a disciplined, scientific game and the excellence of all 5 members: Gla1ve, dev1ce, dupreeh, magisk or Xyp9x .

Although there are periods of form that have gone down and let other opponents rise, Astralis still always come back extremely strong and regain with his throne. Astralis ended 2019 with the BLAST Pro Series: Global Final title after 3 wins without losing any map, especially when they defeated their rival Team Liquid 2 times in a row. extremely convincing.

An extremely detailed video analyzing the effectiveness of Astralis when using nade.

2020 has not started off smoothly with Astralis members. They participated in the BLAST Premier Spring Series in Group B as the championship candidate, but right from the start, they were complicated by a cold water when losing unexpectedly 0-2.

Falling to the losing branch, the idea that they will easily defeat Na`vi, a favorite prey of the Danes when the last time Na`vi defeated Astralis in a bo3 match was from ESL One Cologne 2018 , but Na`vi made a more spectacular comeback in map 3 Inferno and won the final 2-1, leaving Astralis out of the tournament and will have to attend the showdown round at BLAST Premier Spring Final next June.

Attending IEM Katowice as the reigning champion of the giiar, Astralis is fiercely determined to prove that the BLAST Premier Spring Series is just a mistake and the strength of one of the greatest CS teams. all scary times to.

CS GO IEM Katowice championship candidates who they are Part 1 | Esports

The 4-time Major champion will prepare to defend his IEM Katowice championship.

2. Mousesports

The months of 2019 have witnessed the extremely strong rise of the “Electronic Mouse”. In November, they won the CAC 2019 very convincingly and just over a week later, they continued to conquer the prestigious ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals.

Next is Karrigan and his teammates who won the cup cs_summit 5, the runner-up position at EPICENTER 2019 and most recently the 2020 ICE Challenge championship after defeating Na`vi 3-1 in the final final.

Mousesports possesses extremely excellent individuals: karrigan is one of the best IGLs at the moment, young rifler duo and extremely large arms like ropz – frozen, along with woxic, one of the AWP-er is the world’s leading and last but not least is chrisJ with extremely mischievous play but also very stable.

CS GO IEM Katowice championship candidates who they are Part 1 | Esports

Mousesports is famous for being a team with extremely emotional celebrations.

5 times in a row to the finals of the LAN competitions they attended and 4 championship cups have confirmed how dangerous Mousesports at this moment and they will definitely be an extremely strong candidate for IEM Katowice championship.

Ropz is still very young but has been an important contributor to the success of Mousesports

3. Team Liquid

2019 is the most successful year in North American CS history in general and Team Liquid’s history in particular. 4 consecutive championships and completing the Intel Grand Slam Season 2 challenge in just 63 days helped Team Liquid topple the throne of Astralis after more than a year the Danes dominated the No. 1 spot on HLTV’s chart.

Team Liquid is like a tank blowing away all opponents that block their way to the championship cups. Even many people started talking about a new era for North American boys when they showed an extremely destructive performance with simple gameplay and superior personal skill to crush opponents.

CS GO IEM Katowice championship candidates who they are Part 1 | Esports

5 Team Liquid boys wrote a new history page for CS North America.

However, after the summer break, the Liquid members lost their confidence and lost their dominance as before. At the LAN competitions they attend the achievement is usually only 3/4 or at most runner-up; NAF, nitro or Twistzz’s performance is not so destructive as before and EliGE alone is not enough to lead the team to victory.

At the BLAST Premier Spring Series, Team Liquid won tickets to the Final Round which will take place in June, but the fans still could not be assured as they lost twice to FaZe Clan and had to give up the first place. table for opponents. Coming to an S-tier tournament like IEM Katowice, this will be an opportunity for Liquid members to show their true strength.


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