CS: GO – A series of players speak out for having to attend so many tournaments, questioning the association’s role.

2021 is a very busy year for the players CS:GO profession. Since the beginning of this year, no less than 8 major tournaments with a total prize money of over 100,000 USD have been held, and it is expected that 3-4 important tournaments will be held between now and the summer break of player in mid-July next. This is a very impressive figure in the context Esports The world is still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and shows the potential of CS: GO in the eyes of sponsors, tournament organizers and fans.

The DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 final match between Na`vi and Gambit attracted more than 551,000 live followers, the highest in the history of this tournament system.

On the afternoon of yesterday afternoon, BLAST and ESL – the two leading tournament organizers at the moment – released a joint announcement on the revision of the tournament schedule for the second half of 2021. Specifically, ESL Pro League Season 14 will take place from August 16 to September 12 (instead of September 8 – October 10 as originally planned), making this the first tournament after the summer break and is expected to be held at a studio in Malta. Along with that, two other tournaments, BLAST Premier Fall Group and IEM Fall, have also had their time changes, specifically:

BLAST Premier Fall Group: September 16 – September 26

IEM Fall 2021: September 28 – October 10

Immediately after this change was announced, many professional players had mixed reactions. The most prominent is undoubtedly CadiaN, Heroic’s IGL as he thinks this change will cause them to cut their summer vacation short to practice and prepare for tournaments, along with tournaments taking place continuously. consecutive will have negative effects on the health of the players.

CS GO A series of players speak out for having to attend so many tournaments questioning the association s role | GameK

“Prepare with me to enjoy the 14-day vacation:

ESL One Cologne ended on July 18.

ESL Pro League will start on August 16.

In addition, there will be 4 consecutive tournaments (EPL, BLAST Premier Fall Group, IEM Fall and BLAST Premier Fall Showdown), not to mention the Major. Well, this schedule also doesn’t mention the 2 upcoming RMR tournaments.” – cadiaN.

To some comments that Heroic has the right to refuse to participate in tournaments (because Heroic is not a partner team of ESL and BLAST), cadiaN replied that these are all important tournaments and affect the health of the community. Their rankings on the HLTV / ESL rankings, thereby affecting the tickets to directly participate in the following tournaments. Not only that, but esports teams are also bound by contracts with sponsors and refusing to attend tournaments can cause them financial problems.

Dev1ce, a player who recently switched to NiP, also shared: “‘Saturated’ is the best word to describe this and the players will be the ones most affected. machines and if this doesn’t improve there will continue to be players who have to post professional play cessation due to stress. “

CS GO A series of players speak out for having to attend so many tournaments questioning the association s role | GameK

It was dev1ce’s turn to speak up about this situation

“Stress”, “exhaustion”,… are no longer unfamiliar words to the professional CS:GO world in the past 2 years. In 2020, there have been a series of famous names that had to temporarily announce their departure from the professional arena due to health problems, such as Gla1ve, Xyp9x (Astralis), ALEX (former Vitality member), or apEX,.. To avoid this situation and ensure performance, some teams have tested the lineup with 6 members and have achieved some success, however Valve quickly extinguished this idea when updated the RMR code earlier this year in which teams will be fined 20% of their points earned if they replace players between matches.

CS GO A series of players speak out for having to attend so many tournaments questioning the association s role | GameK

Gla1ve, the brain of Astralis once had to take a break from professional competition for 4 months to get back in shape

In a report released in May 2020, CSPPA (CS Professional Gamers Association) admitted that in recent times many players have contacted them with descriptions of a wide range of issues. severe psychological distress such as “sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, sleep disturbance or drug abuse”. CSPPA has also taken many measures to improve the situation, such as working with teams and tournament organizers to have a more suitable schedule, setting up a hotline to support mental health for players. players, … but it looks like they haven’t achieved the expected effect.

These issues have once again sparked calls for the CSPPA to step in more aggressively and play more of a role to ensure the health and welfare of players, instead of just a formality as it is now. . In addition, the stakeholders also need to coordinate more closely to bring a scientific schedule, avoid overlaps and help the players to maintain their best performance and deliver games. Exciting, top-notch competition.

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